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Crown Equity Holdings Inc. (OTCBB:CRWE) announces that Crown Equity Holdings Inc. has launched Crown Equity Holdings' website to provide news in France's native language. Crown Equity Holdings Inc. had previously launched Crown Equity Holdings' German website and is launching its Canadian website shortly.

"The new website is one step in many towards the company goal of expanding its footprint internationally, " commented Kenneth Bosket, President and CEO of Crown Equity Holdings Inc. "Our goal for 2010 is to have all CRWE's clients' press releases, articles and news content published in every major financial country's native language, as well as within cities of every state of our country," stated Mr. Bosket.

Crown Equity Holdings Inc. is a consulting organization which provides and assists small business owners with the knowledge required in taking their company public, and has re-focused Crown Equity Holdings' primary vision with Crown Equity Holdings' aligned group of independent website divisions to providing media advertising services, as a worldwide online media advertising publisher, dedicated to the distribution of quality branding information, as well as search engine optimization for Crown Equity Holdings' clients.


Modine Manufacturing Company (NYSE:MOD), a diversified global leader in thermal management technology and solutions, reported that Modine Manufacturing has completed the refinancing of its long-term debt. Modine Manufacturing has finalized a four-year, $145 million revolving credit facility with a syndication of six financial institutions led by JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. as Administrative Agent, LC Issuer, Swing Line Lender and as a Lender. Joining JPMorgan in the syndicate are U.S. Bank, N.A. and Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. as Syndication Agents and as Lenders, M&I Marshall & Ilsley Bank, as Documentation Agent and as a Lender and Associated Bank, N.A. and Comerica Bank as Lenders. The new credit facility also includes an accordion provision of $50 million.

Modine Manufacturing, with fiscal 2010 revenues of $1.2 billion, specializes in thermal management systems and components, bringing highly engineered heating and cooling technology and solutions to diversified global markets. Modine Manufacturing products are used in light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles, heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, off-highway and industrial equipment, refrigeration systems, and fuel cells. Modine Manufacturing employs approximately 6,000 people at 30 facilities worldwide in 14 countries.


MOD-PAC CORP. (NASDAQ: MPAC), a manufacturer of custom and stock paper board packaging and provider of personalized print products, revealed that MOD-PAC's Board of Directors has authorized an increase of the existing share repurchase program up to an aggregate of 200,000 shares of MOD-PAC's common stock. The previous share repurchase program, which was revealed on August 18, 2005, had a remaining authorization of 25,383 shares.

MOD-PAC CORP. is a high value-added, on demand print services firm providing products and services in two product categories: folding cartons and personalized print. Within folding cartons, MOD-PAC provides CUSTOM FOLDING CARTONS for branded and private label consumer products in the food and food service, healthcare, medical and automotive industries. MOD-PAC also offers a line of STOCK PACKAGING primarily to the retail confectionary industry. MOD-PAC’s PERSONALIZED PRINT product line is a comprehensive offering for consumer and corporate social occasions. MOD-PAC’s strategy for growth is to leverage MOD-PAC's capabilities to innovate and aggressively integrate technology into its production operations providing cost-effective solutions for MOD-PAC's customers. Through MOD-PAC's large, centralized facility, MOD-PAC has captured significant economies of scale by channeling large numbers of small-to-medium-sized orders through MOD-PAC's operations due to MOD-PAC's rapid order change out skills. Applying MOD-PAC's lean manufacturing processes coupled with state-of-the-art printing technologies, MOD-PAC is able to address short-run, highly variable content needs of its customers with quick turn around times relative to industry standards.


ModusLink Global Solutions(NYSE:TM), Inc. (NASDAQ:MLNK) values the opinions of all stockholders and strives to maintain an open dialogue with them. To that end, members of ModusLink Global Solutions' senior management have met with LCV and Raging Capital representatives on numerous occasions, and throughout the discussions the Company gave these dissidents every indication that their concerns could be resolved in a manner that would be beneficial to all stockholders. ModusLink Global Solutions remains firmly committed to creating value for all its stockholders through the successful execution of ModusLink Global Solutions' strategy. ModusLink Global Solutions' Board and management have taken actions to improve the financial and operational performance of ModusLink Global Solutions and create value for stockholders, including: Investing $55.3 million to repurchase shares since early fiscal 2008. In total ModusLink Global Solutions has purchased 5.6 million shares, which represents 12% of the fully diluted outstanding share count at the time the program was first announced; Effectively managing through a very difficult economic environment, taking decisive actions to reduce expenses and maintain a strong balance sheet; and Focusing on maximizing profitability, resulting in record free cash flow from operations in fiscal 2010.

ModusLink Global Solutions, Inc. designs and executes global value chain strategies to solve clients' cost, time-to-market, customer satisfaction and revenue objectives. Our supply chain, aftermarket, e-Business and entitlement management solutions support the end-to-end product lifecycles of the world's leading technology and consumer goods companies. ModusLink Global Solutions has more than 25 years of experience executing complex supply chain processes such as sourcing, configuration and fulfillment. We can manage these critical functions seamlessly with a client's global e-Business initiative or an integrated aftermarket program, including alternative channel recovery for at-risk inventory. Backed by a footprint of more than 25 solution centers in 14 countries, ModusLink Global Solutions clients can react quickly to shifting market dynamics impacting value chain performance and revenues.



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