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The New Banks - Hedge Funds

After reading through much material on hedge funds I have come to the conclusion that in the future when seeking out  a loan on a new house or business project, I will look to hedge funds. With their increasing popularity, hedge funds are seemingly becoming the new banks. When the common person is asked what a hedge fund is, one might respond by saying a team of investors. Or perhaps one may respond by saying hedge fund managers use a specific strategy to rake in tremendous gains. Though both somewhat accurate, these responses are outdated. Hedge Funds are now investing giants. They are in fact a team of investors, but they do not all use just one strategy. While some hedge funds invest through "hedging" to lower their risk, others use quantitative methods. Meanwhile, other funds soley invest in commodities, or some only stock pick, such as Tiger Fund. Yes, hedge funds are all different. Now they are branching out of the United States and investing in businesses, resources and entire governments worldwide. One day they will be the providers of loans instead of banks