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Today's Action From Yesterday's (2/9) Small Cap Movers

Update at 1:30pm:

Yesterday's Gainers:

AQMS - Opened a little lower, then flushed to being down about 4%. Then it bounced at 10am, fell a bit and stayed flat until about 11am where it started inching back up, reaching an all time high at 12pm, up about 6%.

LPX - Immediately fell at the open, then rebounded at 10am, reached hod at 12pm, is currently flat on the day.

BANC - Continued going up at the open, reached a hod at 19.95 at 10am, spun there for a few minutes until 10:30am, then got the rug pulled. Currently at 19.15, down 3%.

SKYS - Got an ass whoopin today. Faded hard at the open, had one bounce at 9:50, then faded the rest of the morning. Down 10% now. Today was a continuation of its fade from yesterday.

KBSF - Hoooly crap! This stock caught a huge bid today, up 115% so far. This momentum all started from a reverse split. I suppose that's because it's at a price now that investors take more seriously, so money will come its way. The company is profitable. In the future, look at unknown nanocaps that have just reversed split and have lots of upward momentum power, they could continue up like here.

BIOC - Up another 20% as of now. Another continuation of its momentum. All from a CEO letter, it's likely that the company is getting ready for an equity raise.

RXDX - Up again today, 6% right now after going up down and now up again. There was something written in those updated results that caught investors' attention. It was no joke, no fluke that it went up 28% yesterday.

CLF - Down a little today, didn't go as low as its secondary price of $10.75.

PERI - Retraced a bit from its uptrend and rally yesterday. Only down 2.5%.

ETRM - Down 4%. As I mentioned yesterday, this stock is followed by too many eager momentum traders, that prevents it from getting another huge rally. Stocks rally when they're least expected to.

Yesterday's Decliners

GLBS: Down 5%. Surprisingly, holding strong after that huge dilution yesterday.

WINS: Down 12% so far after its slide yesterday. The pump is pretty much done on this one, there's too much light on it.

Update at 4pm:

Yesterday's Gainers:

AQMS - Ended the day flat. Makes sense. It was a proof of concept and very profitable deal, but AQMS already had a hefty enough market cap to prevent it from going on a multi-day run.

LPX - Up 2% on the day. This was expected, it wasn't expected to fall, because it went up so much the previous day on that upgrade. There is a big buyer here that is keeping it up.

BANC - Ended the day flat. It has an interesting "U shape" to it's chart today. After languishing just above $19 from 12pm-12:30pm, it recovered and slowly went higher to end at the hod, which is flat.

SKYS - Down 9% on the day. That SA article was on the money with this one, it could've been shorted yesterday and held overnight for a nice gain. The market cap being over $100M is too high generally for a mania on a crappy solar stock like this one. The valuation is going to correct itself if the earnings were misunderstood as the SA article said it was, and that's what happened. That's why you want to make sure you follow SA, it can give valuable insights.

KBSF - Ended the day up a whopping 185%. If you had bought it midday at 100% gain, your return still would've been tremendous. There's such a disconnect here with nanocaps and small caps, that nanocaps can really surprise to the upside.

BIOC - Up 8% on the day. It started fading at 1pm a bit, then really dropped hard at 2:30pm. That makes sense, the stock isn't going to go on a more than 2 day run just off a CEO letter. It's likely the company will raise money soon.

RXDX - Held its 6% gain on the day. Again, those update results were something special.

CLF - Down 2% at $11.15, finished the day strong despite an equity raise the previous day at $10.75.

PERI - Ended the day down 3%.

ETRM - Down 4% by the EOD. As I mentioned yesterday, this stock is followed by too many eager momentum traders, that prevents it from getting another huge rally. Stocks rally when they're least expected to.

Yesterday's Decliners

GLBS: Down 2%. This is because those 60M diluted shares won't be registered to sell until 180 days. Lots of short sellers are falling over themselves covering the past couple days, causing a bit of a squeeze. Once they are out, maybe in a week or 2, that will be the time to short.

WINS: Ended the day at lows, down 23%. This stock is way off its highs, its ridiculous rally is done.