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2/10 Notable Small Cap Movers

Big Gainers:

KBSF up 186% Wow! Up think much just off a reverse split. Investors look at this stock and buy because it was so cheap with a low PE. The reverse split causes a mania in this market. That said, it's unlikely the stock will continue going up on Monday. Insiders will likely take profits. Unless it goes on a DRYS type of run, which is an extreme rarity.

SWIR up 31%. Up from beating revenues and earnings a little bit. Also announcing that Volkswagen is now a customer. First Analysis ug to ow raised PT to $27 from $15. SWIR is close to that $27 now, closing the day at $24.45. It seems a little exuberant rally today, as they didn't beat earnings concensus by that much. Predict a fade on Monday.

SHLD up 26% - What they're doing, selling assets and restructuring, is just a temporary delay to their problems. Stock opened at $7.70 and immediately fell, and stayed in the low $7s all day until the EOD when it fell below $7. Not a very profitable trade.

PLSE up 24%. Up from the former CEO and COO of Pharmacyclics acquiring a total of 17% of the company. The stock ended a little below the open price. It's a tiny company, only $125M market cap, expect it to rally more on Monday, with those 2 powerhouse executives having taken positions.

IMMU up 22%. Up from deal with SGEN. Wells Fargo said it lifts financing overhang for IMMU, but questions persist. IMMU faded from a high of $5.89 to close at $5.23. It reached its peak at about 10:20, also when there was a spike in volume. If bought at open, would've gotten a big return, SGEN took a big risk here, gotta respect their judgement. Stock will probably go up more on Monday. IMMU's largest shareholder was unhappy with the deal, thinking it was done by management to dissuade a hostile takeover.

CTRL up 20%. Reached 52 week highs after positive earnings. This is a cutting edge company of automation and networking systems for the home. Company has no debt, there's room for a continued run on Monday. It's like NVDA in that it uses AI.

OCUL up 18%. Up from an ow ini by Cantor and $35 PT. It was only a $7 stock yesterday. However, Cantor can't be trusted because it's the sole investment banker for OCUL, which did an equity raise at $7 per share on Jan 24th. Expect the stock to fade on Monday, as it already did fade into the close today.Although buying the stock at the open today would've paid rewards, and it reached its peak at around 10:30am.

NAK up 10%. Up a lot right after Streetsweeper's negative article yesterday. It seems as though it will be able to mine in Alaska. As its at 52 week highs now, and closed at highs, expect it to continue going up on Monday.

Big Losers:

ONVO down 15%. This company has always been a scam. They can't increase revenues despite having a real 3D liver product. They guided down annual revenues to $4M, what a joke for this $330M market cap company. It will likely continue lower on Monday.

EGLE down 15%. Doesn't say anywhere why stock is down. Maybe it will be more clear on Monday. Had fallen as much as 20%, rebounded some starting at 10:30.

TCON down 14%. Phase 2 trial reported there's no improvement with TRC combined with Avastin compared to just Avastin for patients with GBM. This is only one form of cancer TCON is doing trials for, so it isn't a huge deal that it couldn't get good results.

CXRX down 14% I'ts likely this is related to the dg from the TD Securities analyst on 2/8. Investors just realized that the company isn't out of hte woods yet, and its 5 day rally was misguided. The stock bounced yesterday, and got trounced today. If the TD Securities analyst is right, then this stock could go to $1, which is quite a bit lower than its current price of $2.45.