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Today's Action From Yesterday's (2/10) Small Cap Movers

As of 12pm:

Yesterday's Big Gainers:

KBSF - Continued its rise today, up 19% right now. Although it has pulled back far from its highs of the day of $17.98. The stock was added by LX21 on twitter to, says he shorted at $16.25, will cover at $6.66. With such a big pullback from the highs, the trend on this stock is likely broken. It might go up again, but I predict $17.98 will be the permanent highs for this one.

SWIR - Continued rising today, up 7%. It didn't fade as predicted. There's a chance the company has turned a corner and had a paradigm shift, given that it's an IoT company, there is more potential there than just short term growth.

SHLD - Continues Friday's slide, down 4% so far. A pretty clear short, the company is consistently declining, and loses money every quarter. A restructuring isn't going to fix its long term problems.

PLSE - up 15% so far. As expected, the stock is continuing its rally. It's a big deal for those executives of a former multi-billion dollar biotech to take positions here.

IMMU - Stock briefly rose in the morning and at the open, but then faded. Currently down 2%.

CTRL - As expected, continues its run today, up 11% so far. These cutting edge tech companies will continue going up once they've nailed the proof of concept and gaining momentum. You can't expect only a one day move like a more established company might do.

OCUL - Continues uptrend, up 6% today. It was such a ridiculous PT of $35 by the company's bookrunner, but as there could be some truth to it, the stock is still very low at $9 per share.

NAK - The rally fell flat today, it's down 4% so far. This makes sense, unless there's some kind of solid reason for a rally, it will reverse the next day. This is a high market cap stock, and there wasn't any news that caused it to go up 10% yesterday.

Yesterday's Big Losers:

ONVO - As predicted, it continued down today, now down 5%. This stock had gone too high, too much hype behind it. Bad earnings woudl make it go on a multi-day selloff.

EGLE - Is flat today. This is surprising given the rise in shippers today. This company must be having more problems than the current shipper hype can overcome.

TCON - down 2% today. Basically flat, it's trial wasn't a huge deal.

CXRX - Flat today. The bull/bear battle is at a standstill for this stock after it's multi-day huge rally and then halfway down selloff.