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2/14 Notable Small Cap Movers

ZAIS - Up 111%. This stock is up off a newsletter pump. It is surprising that it held such a rally without fading too much, because it's an investment management company. These types of stocks don't usually rise this much, because it's not like it has any kind of new fade or cutting edge technology. It's just analysts, who didn't do anything special to cause the stock to go up, the pumpers did.

There was news actually that caused the runup. The founder and CIO, filed an SC 13D stating he owns 1.1 million shares. That's a lot more than his previous filing that he wons 300K shares on March 2015. This merits the stock rising, but not over 100%. A 30-40% rise is more realistic.

Expect the stock to fade tomorrow for the above reasons, I doubt this will turn into a mult-day runner.

PHMD - up 32%. Up on no apparent news. The stock has been pumped a lot on twitter in the past. Something made it all come together today for PHMD. This is a known stock and runner, so that makes it less likely that it's a multi-day runner like RELV did. But it's certainly possible because it is a nanocap with a market cap of only $10M - very easy to get moved and catch a bid.

RELV - up 30%. It's second day in a row of going up 30%+ on no news. It's very likley it will retrace back down tomorrow because it has been going up on no news.

FNCX - up 26%. No news on why it's up today. It's sub $10M market cap so it could go on a run. But looking at the financials, this company is surely bankruptcy bound. It has a lot of debt and takes huge losses every quarter. This is a good long term short idea.

Notable decliners:

NAK - down 21%. This stock is down off a Kerrisdale capital report issued at 9am. It was trading at $3 at that time, only down 5% on the day, a good opp to short. The stock really got smashed by the report, even though the info has been posted before like with Streetsweeper. The stock fell as low as $2, then rebounded and started especially going back up when the company issued a rebuttal to the report. A smart trader would short it on the way down, and go long on the way back up, it retraced back up halfway to end the day at $2.50.

WBAI - down 6%. Reached a new low in many months. This could be the start of a strong downtrend. Definitely a stock to look into and possibly short tomorrow if it starts in the red. Short at the open, hold until 11am and evaluate from there.