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2/15 Notable Small Cap Movers

Big Advancers

ZSAN up 44% - Stock going up more in the AH. As I said in previous blog posts, the market cap of sub $50M is very small for a company with a migraine patch that has better results than the one Teva bought for $145M. Today, investors recognized the stock more, and bought it up. Stock fell yesterday when a filing showed the CEO sold shares. But despite those sales buyers still came in today, that's a bullish sign and traders could have bought today based on that.

BRN up 36% - Up on no news. Had good earnings and revenues a week ago. That might be sinking in just now for investors to buy. The stock is up enough, 30%+, to know that there's something extraordinary happening with the company right now. It only has a $20M market cap. There's certainly news, but not public. Go long for another leg up tomorrow. Then it will probably fade on Friday.

NOVN up 34% - Up on no news, but faded a little bit at the EOD. The company has decent size at $100M market cap. Hard to say what will happen tomorrow. Watch it a bit, and join whichever way it starts to trend, up or down. Most likely it will go down as analysts dont' give its drug, which showed bad trial results a month ago, much hope for success.

EVOK up 32% - Up on the FDA stating that its drug doesn't need a human factors validation study. This is great news as it allows the company to file an NDA submission by the end of the year. Stock faded 11% in the AH bc the company announced a large share offering. This is the advantage of holding a short position into the AH of a company, usually a small biotech, that needs money and will use the news boost to announce a share offering.

EDIT up 30% A ruling came that its competitors, CRSP and NTLA, can't use its patented CRISPR technology. EDIT licenses the patents from the Broad Institute. CRSP ended the day down only 8%, NTLA ended the day down just 9%. Since they recovered, expect EDIT to fade some tomorrow because the ruling seems to not be as big of a deal as investors initially thought, and it kept its big gains.

FIG up 29% - Up on an acquisition, nothing to learn or trade here.

MDCA up 28% - Company to receive $95M investment from Goldman Sachs. MDCA needed those funds to pay down debt. GS will receive pref shares that can be converted to shares at $10 per share, which is a 48% premium over the 30 day avg closing price of the shares. GS prefs also accrete at a rate of 8% per year, for 5 years, in which case there's a liquidation preference that Goldman can take. GS said that it's excited to partner with MDC to help drive growth and innovation in the marketing and comm industry. Stock will likely go up more tomorrow, as $10 per share is the strike price of the preferreds, and it closed at $8.80 today.

NHLD up 24% Up on good earnings results. Tough to make a trade based off earnings without out having insider knowledge, it's hard to predict. Usually stocks are flat the next day after moving from earnings the previous day, unless there's something that knowledgeable investors are missing.

AQB up 19% - No news explains the rally today. It's a majority owned subsidiary of XON. Since there's no news, the stock will likely fade this rally tomorrow. Look to have a starter short on the first pop at the open.

WIX up 16% - Up on earnings.

Big Decliners

SINO down 24% - This compnay is surely a shipper Chinese scam. It has no debt, and strong earnings every quarter. Yet it felt the need for a dilution well below it's market price. That makes no sense, there's something going on. Keep this in mind for when the stock rallies again in the future, it will be a solid short.

ZAIS down 22% - It faded like I predicted. Newsletter pumps usually only last one day and fade the following few days. Watch for another two digit percent fade tomorrow.

MYSZ down 19% - been hit hard since the newsletter pump. As I said earlier, a stock with over $100M market cap will not hold up from an empty newsletter pump for more than a day. This stock got pumped on 2/13, went as high as $16.70 from $4 the previous day, then faded to close at $11. Fell to $8 the next day, and now closed at $6.40 today. Someone made a lot of money if they played it right on the way up and then on the way down. Might fade a little more tomorrow, and settle bw $5-$6.

PHMD down 16% This stock was up a lot yesterday on no news. It only has a $9M market cap, so that means it could sometimes be a 2 day runner on no news. But it retraced most of its gains today. It had a nice pop above yesterdays close at about 9:35. Then it continually faded after that into the LOD at the close.

FOSL down 15% Fell from disappointing earnings. Did bounce midday however, and closed at above where it opened. With guidance for a loss in Q1, one would think the stock should fall more. Wells Fargo analyst dg it to $13-$14 from $22. That's much lower than its current price of $19.50. Probably a short at the open, but the market clearly doesn't agree with Wells Fargo's price target. It's a tough call to predict tomorrow if big investors are holding it up bc they see something the Wells Fargo analyst doesn't.

INT down 15% Down off badly missed earnings. Likely will stay flat tomm.

NAII down 15%. Earnings beat, but guided low. Hard to judge for tomorrow.

DFBG down 14%. Down off no news. This is a nanocap at below $50M market cap. Most likely will retrace upwards tomorrow since being down 14% could easily just be an accident and not due to any hidden news.

RELV down 13% - Stock has been up huge 30%+ for 2 days straight on no news. A retrace today is pretty easy to predict. It should fall more tomorrow since it has been up so much.

VDSI down 13% - Guided revenue lower, but beat on earnings. However, the CEO said he's happy with the growth of software sales countering the decline in hardware sales. Since software sales is more important than hardware, expect a small rebound tomorrow of 4%-5%.