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Today's Action From Yesterday's (2/14) Small Cap Movers


ZAIS - Faded 22%. Expected from yesterday's newsletter pump. Read in today's movers blog post.

PHMD - down 16%. Expected, this was up 32% yesterday, and is a known pumper stock.

RELV - down 15%. Was expected, it's up 2 days in a row 30%+ on no news, bound to retrace some on the 3rd day.

FNCX - down 11%. Was up a lot yesterday in anticipation of earnings today. Stock even was up today after earnings as high as $4.75 from its close of $2.72 yesterday. but then completely sold off to close down 11%. Crazy stock.

Notable decliners:

NAK - basically ended the day flat. The bull/bear battle rages on with this one. Tough to predict.

WBAI - up 6%. It immediately popped at the open at 9:35, almost immediately retracing most of its losses. Popped more at 1:30. Goes to show that usually a stock that's down, or up, on no news will retrace back tomorrow if it was an accident, which seemed to be the case here.