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2/17 - A Look At Recent 5 Day Big Movers

Big Advancers

PSIX up 108% - This company seemed like a bankruptcy risk at first when it sold off 70% on 2/3. But it has recovered strong from its fall, almost completely retracing. The company now just needs to become current with its financial statements. The company itself seems intact with business as usual. It'll likely return to over $7 per share.

ZAIS up 65% - At first, this stock was just an empty newsletter pump. But the news that the pump was based on is actually notable. The CEO acquired a large number of shares in the company. He went from a holding of 300K shares to 1.1M shares. That's a huge jump, and he filed an SC 13D. He may have some plans to acquire more control of the company if he thinks the net asset value of the investment firm is undervalued. The book value right now is $2.86 per share, about 20% less than where it's trading now at $3.34.

TOPS up 55% - This stock went up a lot from an SEC filing corporate update. After a loss in 2015 of $8.5M and adj EBITA of $3M, 2016 brought TOPS a net income of $1.05M and adj EBITDA of $16.18M. A huge improvement, however, there is double the shares outstanding at the end of 2016 compared to 2015. Also, 2.6M shares in the form of warrants are eligible to be exercised at $2.80 per share, and the company has 5.7M shares outstanding. That is a big dilution, and there's no doubt that holders of the warrants were exercising them and selling stock during this uptrend. A lot of shippers are likely taking a page from DRYS playbook, and trying to milk shareholders for as much as they can get. TOPS certainly did it here, and will likely continue. A profit of $1M isn't very much for the company, considering it has $71M in debt, and a market cap of about $18M.

EDIT up 40%. After winning the lawsuits vs its competitors CRSP and NTLA, EDIT went up a lot as CRSP and NTLA fell. But CRSP and NTLA recovered most of their losses even though they lost the lawsuit regarding patents on the technology. They didnt stay down long because the CRISPER technology just got hot again after it was cold for awhile. I'm not sure why it's hot again, maybe this lawsuit has allowed people to see the value of the tech, and it's hot again from that.

CFRX up 40%. This is a microcap biotech that's gaining a lot of steam. It's owned by the Baker Bros, and other top biotech funds. It's mostly gone up in the past 3 days. The 40% rise is kind of an illusion as it hasn't really gone up that much in 6 days because it had a day where it fell a lot 5 days ago that was a fluke. It's just starting to get attention on twitter. And it has just filed several SC 13G filings that remind investors that reputable funds are long. It also seems to be expanding, increasing its Board of Directors. I can see this stock continuing its uptrend. It's mc is only $87M now, and it focuses on therapeutic protein and antibody products for life threatening diseases. Those diseases can command a higher price tag. The company has completed Ph 1 trials.

XOMA up 31%. XOMA, after being quiet for awhile, has caught a bid recently. It fell to a low of $4 on 2/10, after trading in the $5s and $6s late last year. It launched an offering 5 days ago, and for some reason, that got the stock moving upwards. It's uptrend doesn't seem to make sense, there doesn't seem to be any upcoming catalysts.

GBT up 25%. Edelman from Perceptive advisors speaks highly of this company to treat sickle cell anemia, a terrible disease. This was stated in a Barron's article on 2/18. Roth Capital, on 2/17, said GBT will keep going up, and he has a PT of $47 on the shares. The PT concensus is $78, so it could be very cheap here at $27. Likely it will at the very least pop higher on Tuesday, could go up another 5%+. It did already go up 8% on Friday, so that might have been a buy before the article trade. But there seems to be so much posivity on this company, it might not all be priced in yet, but it's close. 16% of the float is short.

PTCT up 9% to $14.16. Up on CS saying it could trade bw $80 and $100 on upcoming cystic fibrosis data. It didn't go up right away a lot, it was trading in the mid to low $13. But then as the news hit Yahoo finance and became more mainstream, the stock had to go up. There are short sellers in the stock who can get spooked by that kind of PT and have to cover. The PT is likely nonsense, but in the short term, over 1 to 2 days, a new high PT from a reputable sellside firm like CS will have a strong effect.

Big Decliners

ABAC down 24%. No news explains the decline. It's an untrusted Chinese company. However, there is potential for a huge upswing like what happened with another nanocap chinese company KBSF. The company is in the hog farming business. Look for a rebound on Tuesday.

VTGN down 19%. Is a nanocap clinical stage biotech. Filed a whopping $100M mixed securities shelf on Jan 23. It hasn't been tapped into yet, however, the company has done many promotional things in the past few days. It tweets news on twitter. And this SA article by an author with a big following compares it with SAGE.

ABIL down 18%. An SA article came out on ABIL in July, 2016. Stock didn't go down off the article, it actually went up in the next couple weeks. It fell about 50% into a low in November, and today it's at those November lows. At this point, it will probably continue down, but hard to say without deeper due diligence. From 2015, they reported $52M in revs, the first 3 months of 2016, they only had $13M in revs. A huge decline.

LC down 16%. It slightly beat on the quarterly earnings and revs, but majorly guided down 2017 revs and earnings. There are a lot of moving parts with this stock, a tough trade.

CFMS down 29%. Stock was down 40% at one point after earnings a few days ago. Since international sales decreased, that says that the product is mediocre. US operations growing but that's likely from an aggressive marketing campaign here. Sales there could fall off as well. A short into next quarters earnings would likely be the right play.