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Today's Action From Yesterday's (2/17) Movers

Lets look at how the notable big movers from 2/17 (described here) moved today.

MOSY down 5%. As expected, stock did shoot up one time after the open today, then faded. It rebounded a bit at the end of the day, was down 10% for a lot of the day.

GSIT up 2%. Went up a bit at the open, then faded.

ANET up 3% - Kept going up today, shoving it in the bears' faces after a better than expected earnings.

DGI up 3% - Faded a bit. Went too high off takeout rumors yesterday, even if the rumors seem true.

MBVX down 5%. People got too excited about Honig's dirty pumping and dumping. Many bought this stock yesterday just bc Honig was in it, that'll cause the stock to get inflated and more selling from longs today.

SPWR up 9%. Up on news of another deal announced this morning.

FATE up another 11%. Surprising because there doesn't seem to be any news explaining these rises, and it's a decent sized microcap biotech. It just seems to be getting pumped on no data. Possibly stay away or look to short tomorrow.

CBAY down 2%. Faded a bit off the baker bros position news. It fell hard at about 10:30, but recovered at the EOD.

RLJE up another 2%.

COHU up 2%. Just up a little more, stayed pretty flat the whole day.

UEIC up 2%. Didn't fade as expected, ended up pretty flat.

NTZ up 3%. Stayed pretty flat on the day, no fade here.

EVOK flat. It's at a price the market is OK with after the news and offering.

VBIV up 2%. There seems to be a trend here, the small caps that were up a lot yesterday are holding their gains, even if it seems there was no reason for them to be up.

PLSE flat. You'd think the stock needs to consolidate or even go down because they need to show some progress in their technology, and not be up just because 2 biotech big shots bought shares. But it has gone on quite a run.

TMST up 5%. Continues uptrend after a great earnings.

LPTH up 2%. Didn't fade from being up yesterday for no reason.

APRI down 3% and another 3% in the AH, from being up for no reason yesterday.

Big Decliners

XTLB down another 3%, a small further fade.

ABAC down 1%, basically flat after being up yesterday on no news.

PME up 8%. It's rally was justified, it retraced its decline yesterday off positive earnings and guidance and announcing a cash dividend.

AMBR up 2%, basically flat after bad earnings yesterday.

CIR up 1%, basically flat after retracing its uptrend from its earnings.

NUS flat from bad earnings yesterday.

ORC down another 6%, furthering its downtrend after Maxim dg.

MYSZ down 2%, finally stock is flat after completely retracing being up 300% from the pump and dump.

PI down 8%, further letting the air out of the bubble after reporting uninspiring earnings. It opened flat, then immediately faded to a low at 11am.

AUY down 4%, a further decline after missed revenue consensus yesterday.

DIN up 3%, recovered a bit from not so great earnings and CEO resigning.

TYPE flat today after being down from badly missed revenue and earnings yesterday.

ROCK up 2%, slight recovery from yesterdays earnings miss.

IMMY up 2% from dropping from news about drug

MCHX up 2% after missed guidance yesterday.

AAN flat. That shows how in the short term, investors are smart when it comes to valuing companies after they miss guidance.