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2/24 Notable Small Cap Movers

Notable advancers

CEMP - up 29%. Up on achieving primary endpoint in its study on patients with acute bacterial skin infections. I don't know anything about how rampant this disease is, so can't judge the value of this news. The stock showed weakness in the PM, that was a forebearance of things to come. The stock shot up at the open, as is normal for biotechs with good news as the momentum traders jump on. It stayed in the mid $4s all day, then at about 3pm, started fading from $4.45, then at 3:40, dropped off a cliff to end the day at $4.05. If anything, this is a short on Monday to continue the fade, but likely there's no play, the stock already faded a good amount after the pop today.

AAOI up 23%. A fiber optics and accessories company. It's up from beating earnings and guidance. This company is technology for the future, and it was able to get some more hype fuel. Got 2 big ugs. Opened at $42, reached $47 at 10:20, faded, and reached hod of $49 at 1pm before fading into the close. No play on this one. Except look for a possible short on the exuberance.

BBW up 22%. This stock has been struggling after badly missing concensus and guidance on 2/16. But Craig Hallum reiterated a buy on the shares, and lowered PT to $15 from $24, which was still almost double the share price. Today, stock opened at $8.35, and kept going up to close at a high of $10.10. The play tomorrow is uncertain, if anything it's a long. Investors know what they're buying here, they likley see a potential rebound for the company and the stock.

OLED up 20%. Beat on revs and earnings, positive outlook. Canaacord raised PT to $65 from $49, still far below where it's currently trading. Stock opeend at $74, closed at $81. This analyst could be way off in his analysis, as the stock is now way above that PT. No prediction on this one.

ZSAN up 19%. Stock was oversold the previous day, rebounded strong today as a mean reversion move. Stock opened at $2.22, rallied hard at the open, hit $3 by 10am with very heavy volume. Stock then sold off the rest of the day as volume decreased to end up at $2.60. The stock is probably fairly valued here, it went through its ups and downs to settle here. No play for tomorrow.

IPCI up 19%. Stock up on announcement of FDA approval for its generic drug. It reached its peak in the morning to $2.75, stayed in a tight range all day, ended the day at a low of $2.56. Fundamentally, the news isn't tha valuable, there are already other generic forms of the drug on the market, IPCI will have a hard time breaking in. And US annual sales of it are only $591M, so it has a decent amount of use but isn't a huge drug. Short on Monday, the company is very low on cash, will do an equity raise soon.

CLSD up 17%. Up on JPMorgan ini with an ow rating and $19 PT. Stock opened at $7.70, briefly sold off to $7 by 9:38, then rebounded strong, reaching a peak of $7.90 at 10:20am, then stayed flat for most of the day before going higher at 2:46pm to $8.10. The stock had a huge drop recently, and so this was an oversold rally.

VUZI up 16%. News came out at 9:04am that Vuzi entered a deal with Toshiba to build smart glasses. Stock opened at $6, immediately dropped to $5.70, then quickly rebounded, slowly getting higher the whole day, ending at highs of $6.30. The milestone payments aren't much, only about $1M, so it's unlikely the stock will go up very much tomorrow.

EHTH up 15%. Reported earnings and guidance close to consensus. It opened lower than previous close. Then immediately started rallying, reaching its height at 10:20am. This seems to be a pattern, stocks reached PM highs a little after 10am, around 10:20am. The rally doesn't seem to be a fluke, investors know what they're buying, although we don't kno why they're buying. Hard to judge where it will go tomm, but look for a short because there doesn't seem to be a reason for the rally.

FUEL up 14%. Company missed guidance, barely beat on revs. Sees Q1 revs below consensus. Don't know why it's up today. Stock opened the day flat, went red briefly, then rallied starting at 10am. look for a fade on Monday, short at open.

AUPH up 13%. Has some catalysts this quarter, could be going up into those catalysts. Might merit some further analysis in the meantime. No trade for now.

WMAR up 12%. They beat on revs and EPS, loss less than consensus. No trade here.

SPXC up 11%. Rev missed consensus, earnings in line. Why is the stock up so much here? It's at 52 week lows. Earnings and guidance weren't great. The company does heating, AC and ventilation products. Probably see a fade on Monday because there's no reason for the stock to be up so much. Short at open or wait for a bounce at the open to short.

EGHT up 10%. Company is looking to sell itself. Working with IB to find interest. No trade here.

DRAD up 10%. Company posted a profit. It provides diagnostic services in the US. No trade here.

Notable decliners

GRAM down 35%. Started falling at 12pm because it was reported that the company knew of bribes. The company sent out a release firmly denying the accusations. It's likely oversold at this point. How bad could a bribe distrupt the business, and what are the odds it didn't happen, or was no big deal? Look for a rebound on Monday, buy at the open as long as it hasn't already recovered most of the loss.

HCLP down 16%, Stock down becuase of the equity offering at $18, quite a bit under the former share price of $20.50. The offering was also large, 20.5 million shares. This will naturally create fear in investors who have already ridden the stock up 400% the past year, and have a selloff. The company did make it clear they had spent a lot on acquisitions which could justify the offering in investors' eyes. No telling where it will go on Monday.

MYSZ down 15%. This was the stock that got pumped in a newsletter and went up 300% to $16.70 a week ago. Now it's at new lows. How does this happen? Are the ones that get pumped the highest have internal problems that cause it to subsequently reach new lows? This is reminiscent of DRYS epic rise then epic fall which is still ongoing. Not sure how to trade this but I wouldn't recommend a buy, there must be something seriously wrong with the company.

ACIA down 15%. Made earnings but guided low. So far, analysts haven't changed their price targets on ACIA, the stock could rebound Monday. But it's an uncertain trade.

BPT down 13%. This was due to an SA pro article published at the EOD on 2/22. The right play was to short as soon as the article was published in SA Pro and had an embargo on it. Once these Pro articles get released to the public, the stock falls further. It sold into the close to $29.20 on 2/22. Then fell 20% on 2/23. Then slid a further 13% on 2/24. This stock will likely rebound on Monday. Regardless of it still being very overvalued, many investors still will eventually buy because of the dividend and blind themselves to the fundamentals. Go long Monday morning for a bounce.

AHT - barely missed revenues. Made an offer to acquire Felcor (NYSE:FHC). Seems like that acquisition won't go through, as FHC made a list of downsides to that merger. Not sure how to trade this on Monday.

CRK down 12%. It took a few days to have a big fall after a negative SA article was published explaining how the stock is likely a zero. Earnings was yesterday, so it fell from larger than expected losses. Think a short on Monday is a smart move, investors are likely paying more attention to this article after its drop from bad earnings. But it also could be that investors believe in the rebound story and will hold tight to their shares.

BNFT down 12%. Down from missed earnings and revenue. No trade.