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Next Day Review Of 3/14 Small Cap Movers

Yesterday's Big Advancers

MGI up another 4% - Investors must think there's a strong possibility of a bidding war. The stock is now about $1.20 above Euronet's buyout offer of $15.20.

NAKD down 12% - The stock retraced a lot of its gain yesterday. Stock opened the same as yesterday's close started fading at about 9:45am, then continued down the whole day.

HPJ up 10% - Stock continues its uptrend today off no news yesterday. Still a mystery why it's going u on 10x the normal volume.

AIRI down 6% - Retraced after it was up yesterday on no news. I thought maybe the CEO was doing something to get the stock up but maybe not.

NDLS up 2% - Basically flat after being up 13% yesterday off a new investor's position. I guess that investor was looking for more than just a 13% gain.

CLVS up 8% - I was wrong yesterday expecting a retrace. This is a large cap biotech. Investors know what they're buying, they know when they see good news for a company. It makes sense that the uptrend would continue a 2nd day.

APVO down 5% - Retraced after being up simply because they're presenting at a conference.

CUR down 4% Pretty flat after uptrending for a few days.

MOMO flat. Didn't continue uptrend after being put on the Oxford Club's newsletter.

Yesterday's Big Decliners

OSIR up 5% - Bounced after two 20%+ down days. Maybe it's not a Forcefield energy type of fraud, and can survive. No trade because you can't tell at this point.

PETX flat after being down on earnings.

AMOT up 6%. Investor believe it was oversold from earnings miss, it bounced.

AMPH up 10%. Opened flat from yesterday, started rallying at around 10am.

PN down 10% - As predicted stock down after a big down day yesterday. Company likely has some serious problems.

CUI down 2% - Basically flat after huge down day yesterday.

ARLZ up 13% - As predicted, the stock was oversold yesterday. There's nothing secretive here, the company just sells generic drugs, 2 down days was too much as explained on the 3/13 report.

PULM down 9%. As predicted, stock is down again, getting closer to its target price of $2.15 on 1/31.

RELY down 6%. A further slide after yesterday's earnings miss.

CLSD up 3%. Bounced a little off big slide yesterday from earnings call.