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4/13 Notable Small Cap Movers

Big Gainers

AXON up 11% - Up on raised PT by Oppen. Says there's a larger opportunity for its main drug focusing on motor symptoms. Stock has reached a 52 week high, up a lot since they did the offering at $18.45 a few days ago.

AAOI up 11% - Beat on earnings, PT raised by several sell side analysts.

PLSE up 11% - Has found its range in the low $20s. It has been volatile but looks to be good here.

VRS up 10% - No news explaining why it's up.

AEHR up 10% - Likely up because of a higher than expected priced secondary offering.

LJPC up 10% - After a big slide from $35 on Mar 29th, down to $25 on Apr 12, on Apr 13, it finally bounced to $28 on a sellside analyst's upgrade.

IMGN up 9% - Up from sliding down the past week. No news.

SKYW up 9% - Up on RayJay ug to strong buy from op. This is because the stock has slid over 10% over the past couple of weeks, a value call by RayJay. Don't think it will go up much tomorrow since it just recovered from its slide.

MDXG up 8% - Up after reporting revenue will exceed high end of guidance.

Big Losers

SPU down 45% - Down so much because they did an offering of 2.7M shares, only 4.31 shares outstanding, at $3.10 per share. It fell slightly below that offering price.

DMPI down 25% - Down from a 20% discounted secondary offering. Sabby management took a 5.7% stake in the company from the offering. A nanocap biotech.

NADL down 21% - The deal with Conoco announced a few days ago sounds good, but the equity is still likely to become worthless as the stock goes bankrupt. The return on the deal wasn't immediate, and NADL has $2.3B in debt total.

DTEA down 17% - Bad earnings and guidance. CEO says 2017 will be a "reset year". That doesn't sound too good for investors. Closed almost at the lod, will likely fall more tomorrow.

FRSH down 14% - Down on negative press coverage.

GLBS down 13% - The stock has fell down into the $2s after being above $8 in February. The stock was trading at $8 even after it had announced the capital raise at below at an average of under $2 per share. It's market cap was almost $200M at the time, which shows how inefficient small cap and micro cap stocks are.

APOG down 13% - Company had record earnings results. But investors were disappointed at its slower growth forecast. With a PE of only 18, and no debt, it's surprising that the stock would be trading this low. But being at almost $2B market cap, experts know more about this company than I could know.

PIR down 9% - Had a bigger than expected loss. Forecast not great.

LXU down 9% - Down on slightly higher than average volume.