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5/23 Notable Small Cap Movers

Trade ideas in bold.

Big Gainers

HMNY +56% Partnered with a company called RedZone to get licensing rights for facial recognition technology. Is a nano-cap, only $22M market cap. Easily moved.

GLYC +20% Up because the offering price per share is higher than expected.

CBLI +17% No news explaining why its up. Is a nanocap bio, $45M market cap.

VNRX +14% Up on EU launch in the near future. Does colon cancer diagnostic tests.

IHC +13% Up on good earnings, and share buyback announcement.

MRAM +13% A memory chip maker, there has been some hype behind memory chip makers like MRAM and PI the past few days. It has already hit PI, hit MRAM today.

ETRM +11% Just a volatile gastric vest system weight loss company. It goes up or down a lot almost every day.

DEST +10% No news explaining why the stock is up.

SGMO +10% Continued uptrend after FDA grants Fast track designation.

COLL +9% Up on news that COLL is presenting at upcoming investor conferences.

Big Losers

CERS -25% Company announced a supply shortage of platelets for its blood centers. Company had to lower 2017 guidance, fell from that.

OCX -14% Retraced its big gain yesterday, now almost back to where it was before the news that it had good lung test data. The company normally has very little volume, not a stock prone to big movements on big volume.

CCM -13% A Chinese small cap medical services company. No news, these often move on no US news, but there is some reason for it.

ALO -12% No news saying why it's down. Has been extremely volatile. 52 week low is $0.07, 52 week high is $28.15.

PN -11% The most volatile stock I cover. It's very common to be up or down 10% in a day for no reason. It appears this time it's down because of a particular shareholder lawsuit.

FLDM -10% Down on average volume, no news explaining why.

AGLE -10% Down because investors didn't like its corporate update.

ALXN -9% Down from CFO leaving. This is a very big pharma company, $23B market cap. And it shed about $2B from its CFO leaving. An example of what can happen to SRNE as its CFO left two days ago and the stock hasn't fallen from that yet.

COOL -9% A retrace from going up on earnings.

NBEV -7% Down on 3x average volume.

MBOT -7% A slow beatdown over time. At 52 week lows now.