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8/23 Notable Small Cap Movers

Big Gainers

IMNP +83% Nanocap bio. Seems to have moved on only momentum, no news.

CGG +32% No news. Is a geoscience, petroleum engineering consulting services firm. 

ITCI +28% A biotech developing novel neuropsychiatric drugs. Up on FDA's encouragement of schizophrenia treatment program. Leerink ug from market perf to outperf on news. PT raised to $21 from $12.

SQNS +28% No news.

PRTK +27% News leaked that the company is seeking a sale. Large drugmakers are interested in acquiring the company according to Bloomberg.

EXPR +19% Is an apparel and accessories retailer, bucked the trend of clothing retailer falling on earnings, this one surprised. 

VERI +19% Buy ini by Roth on 8/11. Today its up on no news.

RGS +18% Good earns.

LFVN +15% Up on average volume. Announced earnings is 9/7. No news, just an oversold bounce, it had been sliding lower for no reason, could a good fade candidate tomorrow.

PTX +14% Nanocap bio. Flirting with bankruptcy. No news.

RADA +14% Continues a great uptrend from $1.90 on 8/8. Riased $10M from Israeli investors.

Big Decliners

PRPO -47% Down on $6M offering. Is a nanocap diagnostics company. This offering hurt shareholders badly, Issued convertible preferreds at $2.50 and $3, a lot less than where the stock was trading in the mid $4 range.

RTNB -30% Stock rebounded a bit from how far it fell. However, an AH filing states that creditors are demanding immediate repayment of debt.

LZB -20% Bad earns. Company is in talks with Amazon to better connect iwth younger shoppers. 

CNTF -15% Nanocap Chinese mobile handset company. No news why it's down.

RARE -13% Study missed primary and secondary endpoints, company will discontinue further development of drug.

APOG -13% Lowers outlook because of an acquisition.

OVID -11% Retraced what it gained yesterday, the news was overvalued. About average volume was traded.

CYRX -11% No news, a continual fade after reaching high on 8/17, today the fade intensified with high volume.

EBR -10% Retraced some after an overly exuberant previous day on privatization news. It's a big company, 9B market cap, tough to move 50% on any news.

MGEN -9% No news.