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8/25 Notable Small Cap Movers

Big gainers

CDNA +33% A microcap research services and diagnostic surveillance company.  Reported that medicare coverage for its AlloSure.

ARWR +27% No news.

CGG +23% Another big up day after yesterday. Is a geoscience company in France. No american news, something is going on with the company that we can't see.

RTNB +22% Incredible 2nd day uptrend closing at $2.55. Modern Rock was right to cover his position at $2.04. It's just very unpredictable how investors view the news of the company's extension. Only $15M market cap, with high leverage, can move very far easily. This funding is a termporary reprieve, good to reshort in a couple weeks when money issues creep up again.

GES +19% Crushed estimates.

MATR +17% A microcap behavioral analytics services company. No news. The stock has drifted down the past 2 weeks, this could be an oversold bounce.

LLEX +14% No news. Is an oil and gas company. Oil is up a little bit, doesn't explain this rise.

LTRX +13% Provides secure data access for IT assets. No news.

CRVS +13% Is a small cap biotech. Up on ug from CS to neutral from underperf. Expects good additional data. Went up a lot towards the close. 

CO +13% A Chinese blood seller and tester. Good earns.

Big decliners

ZN -13% Stock had gone up on well updates in israel. The updates were pretty much crap. Stock continued up the following day, gave most of it back today.

IPDN -11% 2nd down day after going on a huge 4 day run on management's encouraging letter to shareholders. I had recommended a short on this stock 2 days ago.

FLWS -10% Missed earns.

BLFS -10% A nanocap cell and tissue storage company. Reached new 52 week high yesterday. An overbought slide today.

AUG -9% Provided exploration update, found gold. 

NBRV -9% Reached 52 week low today. Is a small cap antibiotic biotech. Released expected sales, could have disappointed.

TTC -9% Reported earns in line. Bad guidance.

KR -8% Sank on Amazon-Whole foods official merger news. Amazon said will lower Whole Foods prices. KR has a lot of debt.

BETR -8% Made new 52 week lows today. Might be a delayed negative reaction regarding its acquisition of a competitor 3 days ago.

RAVN -7% Bad earns. Is a machinery company.