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9/26 Notable Small Cap Movers

Big Gainers

IZEA +36% Artificial intelligence is the hot subject of today. This company has had a multi-day run due to its AI product. 

ITUS +30% Another AI company combined with CAR-T. High borrow rate, high short interest, nanocap, and a promotional campaign. A  

SSC +29% Is a microcap B2B cloud based Chinese company. No news, but this is a Chinese stock, often they have hidden news.

ORPN +25% A tiny company, $1.5M market cap. Slightly higher than average volume, no news.

ACTA +25% Sold three majority owned businesses.

CDNA +24% A microcap diagnostic company for transplant patients. Jumps after reimbursement rate set.

MYOV +20% Up on AXON drug failure, both companies have the same founder. Doesnt' seem to be a good reason to be up, this is a $1B market cap company. The rally could be a fluke, look for a short tomorrow.

VNET +20% Small cap Chinese tech firm, no news.

GHL +17% Hi volume. No apparent news for rally.

NWY +14% Up on insider buying. 

Big Decliners

AXON -74% Alzheimers drug failed both primary endpoints. Stock still has a $700M market cap, cash isn't great, should be trading close to cash, should fall 10% tomorrow.

PRQR -19% Phase 1B trial results on cystic fibrosis treatment, analyst says confusing to interpret. Says unlikley to challenge Vertex' cystic fibrosis medicines. Adam F seems negative on teh results, doesn't deserve "positive" in the headline. Could fall further tomm, but its only a $130M market cap, only needs a few believers to keep it up.

KDMN -15% Fell on equity offering. Is a microcap biotech.

RGEN -14%  A bioprocessing company. Down on largest customer will launch its own resin and not use RGEN's anymore.

PTCT -14% Two respectable analysts say that the FDA has a negative tone for PTCT's drug into Thursday's panel meeting. JPMorgan analyst wouldn't be surprised to see more selling on Thursday's meeting.

TXMD -13%  Down on 12.4M secondary priced at $5.65, stock went below the offering price.

HIIQ -12% No news, must have something to do with Pearson's report a few days ago. 

EVOK -11%

PIXY -11%

TYHT -10%