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11/3 Notable Small Cap Movers

What's important about this blog is to find actionable trade ideas based on information found regarding the previous day's small cap movers. This will be a closer focus on this blog going forward. I'll be writing less about non-actionable stocks, and more about actionable stocks. I'm also going to spend more time looking at stocks I have more of an interest in, that I've looked at in the past. It's all about making good fundamental decisions and making money!

Big Gainers

DCIX +348% Up on reverse split. Not a fundamental reason. Reached peak of $19 at about 1:30pm EST. That's often a good time to short a high flier if you want to take a shot. There was an SA article the day before warning about it, those SA articles are gold to help you get ready for such an event.

MYO +45% Up on getting Canadian approval. The stock had been oversold before, is the only company of its kind to do bionic arms. Probably will fade from here, doubt it's a buy. 

NEOS +27% Crazy rally today. It had already rejected the offer from PDL Pharma for $10.25, closed at $12.90 today. Surprised that it is only rallying today, doesnt' seem to be any new news. Maybe a short? Or has another company already shown interest?

CERS +22% Not sure why it's up, missed revs. Is a biotech, must have said interesting things in its quarterly call.

BIO +21% Stock too big to fundamentally trade, $8B market cap. 

PETX +20%  Earnings call must have sounded good to investors. Stock went above $7 when drug was approved on 10/13. It faded since then, now it's back up today, investors must have more confidence in launch. 

PODD +19% Revs and EPS beat consesus, annual guidance raised. 

KALA +19% Rebounded likely because was oversold. Hard to predict this stock.

ABUS +19% Up on positive earnings call.

IO +15% Continued strong uptrend from earnings. Didn't fade at all, kept climbing after rising 50% the previous day. Not much discussion on it.

VRAY +15% Up on news that its MRidian Linac radiotherapy system was selected by 2 Danish hospitals. This is a great indication of interest from some hospitals in Europe. 

CRCM +15% EPS beat consensus.

WING +13% Up on slight rev/EPS beat.

Big Decliners

GNMK -41% Slower than anticipated European traction. 

RUBI -40% Badly missed revs and EPS. Investors realize that the company is likely a permanent, ad-tech loser. Closed at 52 week lows. 

KEYW -33% Defense industry company. Missed on revs, EPS below consensus. 

CBL -26% Lowered guidance and div cut, many analyst dgs. 

PACB -25% Missed on revs badly, by 20%, EPS in line. Very bad for a company this high in valuation to miss revs. 

P -25% Lowered guidance.

FNGN -24% Slightly less rev and lowered guidance. Stock rose into October. Gave all its gains back and more today. 

PLUS -23% Down on earnings miss.

STMP -23% The chickens could be coming home to roost here. Many analysts have been bearish on this stock for awhile.

RMAX -21% Internal investigation on improper practices of executives. Stock was only down 9% in the PM, ended the day down much more. What's the trade on Monday? A rebound maybe? This stuff shouldn't affect revenue. However, the earnings report was delayed which is never good.

ARC -19% Analyst dgs, see headwinds.