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11/24 Notable Small Cap Movers

Notable gainers

MARA +173% Up on cryptocurrency uptrend. They acquired a digital asset technology company almost a month ago, but people only cared today. That's because they had their earnings call earlier in the week. We're in a period where management can talk up their stock in an earnings call even though nothing new happened.

What's flawed with this rally, is its technology company acquisition mines crypto currencies, but there's no money in that anymore. So its entire rally is a sham. All of these stocks that rose on the crypto boom will make great shorts. One just has to look at how other stocks that went parabolic broke down as a guide. You wait for the first big decline, noticeable one, and that is the beginning of the end.

GROW +59% Up on no news. Mentioned positively by Agora financial a few days earlier. 

RIOT +47% Up on blockchain madness. Continued running, wish i had gotten in when i noticed it rallying 2 days earlier.

SRAX +32% Another blockchain stock, might be a good candidate to go long on Monday.

NETE +31% Up on earnings, may be another blockchain play. 

SSC +26% Another crypto play.

ANIP +18% Up on apparently no news.

LMFA +18% A nanocap, no news.

AHPI +16% $10M market cap stock, up on no news.

FLXN +12% On 10/31 there was talk about this stock being oversold and due for a bounce. It did bounce, stayed at $22-$23 level for awhile, justnow finally broke to the next upside level. 

Notable decliners

RYB -38% Down on accusations of child abuse from teachers. 

QD -24% Have to lower the interest rate cap. It's a predatory lender, ight be worth a buy on the slide, however, this might increase its business.

EKSO -17%  2nd day of pullback after reaching 52 week high. The new high was unjustified according to the price action. Trading volume also dramatically declined.

CLNT -17% Down on a pullback after rallying the previous day on a share swap deal. Overbought, probably continue its decline tomorrow.   

XRF -14% Another Chinese consumer lending company, down on sympathy with QD. 

TYHT -14% Continued 3 day downtrend, big slide. No apparent news. 

CADC -13% A week ago rallied 400% for no reason. It faded the next day, stayed level for a few days, then today took the next leg down. 

BCEI  -12% Conatinued downtrend after Icahn rejects buyout offer from Sandridge.