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1/11 Notable Small Cap Movers


CNET +27% Seems to have gone up because the company appointed a BitCoin company founder, Zhongyi Lyi, as the Chief Strategy Officer for the blockchain plan. The news came out right before the open. The stock floundered, actually went down a bit at the open, volume was low, then it flew at about 10am.

PRTO +26% Nanocap bio. Easy to move $40m mc, up on no news, just a hot day for bios.

NBEV +24% Up on CVS rollout of their tea. Stock stayed in a pretty tight range, dont' think this news was tradable. Opened high, then dropped, stayed lower then rallied about 10% starting at 2:30pm.

CYH +24% Got an increased stake by a Chinese investment firm. Was the company's largest shareholder. Are they throwing good money after bad? Company loses $100M per quarter, they last reported $600M in cash. So they will last 5 more quarters before going broke. Wouldn't be surprised to see a fade tomorrow, but it's a complicated situation, hard to judge how investors will react.

USAU +22%  A nanocap gold mine explorer. Up on some kind of copper technical report? Doesnt seem like a good reason to rally. Some on twitter think it will further rally tomm, we'll see, I'll be looking to short.

CKPT +21% A microcap bio, no news.

IMRN +21% Nanocap bio. Up on being on a TV show and biotech conference. Stock very tiny to short.

CCLP +21% A small cap oil and gas services company. Likely up from oil reaching highs.

CERC +21% No news.


LEDS -27% Immediately fell in the AH yesterday after running on earnings. Company had lower loss than last quarter, but revenue was also lower. Selling LEDs is a tough business.

NHLD -26% Rallied yesterday for no reason. Gave almost all of it back today. It was selling off into the close yesterday, that was a sign it would selloff today.

KODK -22% Major crash after 2 days of overexuberance. It's entire board filed that they converted options right before the blockchain news.

AMRH -17% Reached as high as $13.50 yesterday for a 200%+ gain, then faded to $5.88 close. Today fell more to $4.90. Crazy moves. The best play would've been to buy in the AH yesterday, then short as it reached its peak in the mid morning.

AQB -14% Continues 4 day downtend, after more than doubling a week ago on Jan 2, up 150%. They put out an S-1 already. The play was to immediately short the next day and hold onto the short for a week.

HMNY -12% Rallied yesterday on subscriber increase and rumors about getting involved with cryptocurrency. This morning, $60M in convert bonds were issued.

COGT -11% yesterday, company announced it started a blockchain division. After rallying that day, it faded into the close, then faded further today.

CBMG -11% Stock rallied strong multiple days after insider buys. It faded a little bit, 3%, yesterday which then led to the big fade today.

LFIN -11% Stock broke the $50 support 2 days ago. This resulted in 2 days of selling, and the big selling today. Stock will work it's way back to $10 eventually, it has a long way further down to go after closing at $42 today. Although if it bounces tomorrow, that would be a good time to short it.

EMMS -10% Down on bad earnings.