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5/18 Movers


QTNT +29% Has commenced EU blood grouping trials. Continues the important step in its development process. 

MTEX +23% Doing a Dutch auction cash tender offer to purchase its O/S common stock bw $18.50 and $21 per share. Is a nanocap developer and seller of wellness solutions, does network marketing.

TYHT +19% Up on good earnings, flew up at the open, but that was short lived, faded pretty far from highs. That's because it's a untrusted Chinese nanocap. 

EOLS +19% Up 4 days in a row. The CRL that originally caused the stock to fall, the stock recovered everything and more because the CRL actually turned out to be good news. The FDA ddin't say anything major was wrong, only minor manufacturing issues. That gave investors more confidence that the drug will get approved and it will challenge Allergan's botox monopoly. 

UAVS +16%  2nd day of uptrend after a big selloff/downtrend 3 weeks ago. It could have one more upday tomorrow.  

TTOO +14% Up on better than expected revs. Also, in the earnings call, the CEO kept stressing how much hospitals are interested in the bacteria panel.

SHOS +13% Sears hometown outlet store, rose today on average volume, maybe doesn't mean anything.

SE +11%  Up on disclosed buy by Tiger Global. Reached a high on uptrend. This is a $4b digital entertainment Singapore company.

EGY +11% Up with oil prices.

TIS +11% Microcap tissue paper company. Up on average volume, no news. 


LIVX -29% Recent uplisting. had news that it will stream an electric dance music concert. But big investors were ready to sell. The trend was downward the entire day. One could've shorted at any point in the day and made money if held into the close, the sooner in the day you shorted the better, and you would've killed it with a PM short.

CARV -24%  Popped in PM after an insane rally yesterday. Then went straight down starting at 8:30am. It's fate might have been decided when management said they dont' know why the stock was up. Shit stocks rarely make multi-day moves anymore. 

OPK -18% Down on Novitas, the government's, decision to not reimburse 4Kscore test, OPK's biggest revenue generator. 

EIGR -17% PJ inc PT, but stock still sold off. It had to retrace a bit from the huge previous day rally. The stock opened even higher than yesterday, but immediately started falling at the open with no bounce. It finally bounced at 11:15, but that was short lived, and closed at lows. That bounce would've been a good short, or shorting any time earlier in the day would've been a smart move.

BOXL -16% Beat on revs on 5/16, but then fell the next couple of days back to back. Still unwinding from the 5/14 para nonsensical rally after the 5/11 rally.

BLNK -15% Even with the 600% borrow rate, stock still fell. A big reason is that there's the investor who had the convertible bonds at a $3 exercise price that could sell. Interesting, it got crushed by an IPO on ticker change in Feb 14th.

CPB -12% Down on CEO's abrupt resignation, company has repeatedly failed.

OPHC -12% Nanocap bank holding company. Went up in sympathy with CARV, fell in sympathy as well. There was actually some borrow on IB. No borrow for CARV.

ABEO -12% Investors sold on data readout, which had a lack of data beyond biomarkers and liver size. Not enough info as it has tripled this year. 

UPL -11%  Saw volumes declining, Capital One lowered PT on 5/10. Rebounded to a new rally on 5/17, but overreached itself, faded today. 

JWN -11% Didn't seem to miss by very much, in fact beat consensus. But retail is very fragile and trending right now, when investors see something they don't like, stock gets smashed further than expected. When they see something they like, stock flies.