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5/23 Movers


WMLP +194% Up on creditors giving $110M in new financing to operate coal mines. Stock shot way up, well after the news at 9:47. It's a coal mining company. 

AVGR +73% A nanocap medical device company with systems to treat patients with peripheral arterial disease. 

CARA +43%  In PM, announced partnership with Fresenius Medical to sell pruritis treatment anywhere except the US, Japan, and South Korea. Stock went up a little at the open, ended up 46%.

YRIV +34% Billion dollar Chinese real estate company. Up on no news, will likely fade tomorrow. 

TIF +23% Strong earnings.

CARV +16% Bounced after 3 big down days after an epic 200% single day rally.

USAT +16% Up on higher than expected share price in offering.

EXPI +15% Billion dollar real estate brokerage company, recently got uplisted to the NASDAQ. No news.

GERN +15% 3rd huge up day. No apparent news.

EOLS +15% Continues amazing uptrend. Botox is a huge business. The FDA CRL turned out to be a good thing, not a negative thing. 

HEAR +13% Up on CEO telling analyst that the current game format doesn't expect to be a short-lived phenomenon. IOW, the HEAR headset won't be a temporary fad.


FWP -29%  Retraced part of its ridiculous 80% up move yesterday on no news. Opened lower, that could've been a sign of a downtrend.

CMTA -21% Reported "positive" ph 2B data. But the stock opened slightly lower. That could've been a sign that there was going to be a further selloff, since the stock opened slightly red on what was supposed to be positive data. 

RRGB -18% Earnings lower than consensus, guidance also lowered.

LOMA -14% Opened flat, all day fader. $1.5B building company in Argentina. Is a casualty of the country's current crisis, hit 52 week lows today. Doesn't have much debt.

ARDX -14%  2nd big down day, due to an offering at $4 per share today. Stock closed slightly below $4.

PFNX -14% Down on spot secondary.

TIS -12% Hit 52 week low today. Has a lot of debt, could be a bankruptcy risk. 2nd day in a row down big, maybe it'll keep falling bc of its debt? Has a big short % at 21%.

FTR -12% The stock is giong to be dead at this point. Couldn't make any asset sales. Net tangible assets are well into the negative. What's crazy is the stock opened flat on this news, and then started selling off all day. A possible continuation short tomorrow, as extreme leverage intensifies any rally or selloff. 

XRF -12%  Chinese finance company, down on no news.

EBR -12%  A Brazil utilities company. Down on news that a planned privatization could get cancelled. 

MYND -11% Down on planned stock sales.