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6/27 Movers


PED +665% Company was invested in by Dr. Simon Kukes. He is an entrepreneur, skilled in turning around oil & gas plays. 

DFBG +512% Was only a $15M mc company. Is making an acquisition for $1.38B. Will be financed by three PE funds.

MXC +19% Nanocap O&G play. No news.

GBT +16% Up on news that the FDA may look at its drug sooner. The drug reached trial goal, but opened down 10%. Analysts liked the data. HCW increased PT to $125 from $73, saying the company hit a "home Run".

CKPT+15% is a nanocap biopharma company, up on no news.

ABAC +15% Nanocap Chinese hog selling company. No news.

HQCL +13% S. Korea solar energy company. No news.

DO +11% Oil reserves lower, all speculative oil plays are up.

EGAN +10% Software company, up on being added to the R2k index.

TRXC +10% Continued uptrend on selling robots. 


AQXP -85% Total fail of ph 3 of trial, nothing worked better than placebo. 

SMMT -80% Company partnered with Sarepta, ph 3 trial fail. Stock still has a $45M mc. 

PTIE -72% Comittee voted against pain medication for around the clock pain. Apparently the company is finished.

ABIL -33% Retrace after 2 days of huge gains. Constant rally since June 20th trading at only $2. The past 2 days it has really flown. You could see it fading at the open, it was down 10%. But that wasn't much compared to how much it closed at.

YECO -23% Company might have gone dark as it hasn't answered the SEC inquiries. Rallied for no reason the past 2 days, maybe short squeezes, faded into the close yesterday, which was a sign that it would fall hard today.

ACHV -20% Rallied hard yesterday which was an oversold bounce. Sold that rally off today.

JRSH -20% Down on earnings.

XBIO  -19% 

ASCMA -17%

CADC -17%

TPIV -15%