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9/14 Movers


QTT +100% BTB will cover more IPOs. is a Chinese IPO today, is a mobile content aggregator. This move could be in sympathy of NIO's move yesterday. Closed at over 100%. US ECM Briefing on twitter follows IPOs. I think this is a short on Monday. They seem to have pushed a lot of revs into July, a tweet said that $100M in revs in 1st 6 months of the year, then in July they did $40M. July revs likely not sustainable.

CNBX +55% Up on news that its preclinical studies have cannibis successfully treating cancer. Seems like BS to me, only 2 full time employees, $150M mc.

KNDI +23% Up on insider buying. The CEO is looking to buy $3M-$5M worth of stock over the next 6 months, bought $500k so far. Up on sympathy with NIO yesterday. 

FEIM +17% Up on positive earnings.

CIFS +16% Up on development of a new software system for microfinancing.

NVTA +14% $1B diagnositcs company. Up on no news. 

TIS +14% Up on news that the company's deadline to square up with lenders was pushed back another month. Investors must have took that as meaning a good deal is in the works. 

CVM +14% Up on news that the company recieved $5M in warrant exercises. That reversed the selloff yesterday but it doesnt seem like a big deal. 

OPRX +13% Wow, this is the stock that Hal is bearish on. reached 52 wk high today. Investors are hot on its business. 

PRQR +13% This stock keeps going up and down. Investors aren't sure what it's worth. 

MHLD +13% Was dg on 9/6 to $4, downtrended, bounced today. 

WIN +12% No news.


ALT -30% Down on reverse split. Rose at the open, then about 12pm, started fading. So this was an excellent short opp. Hal longed it bc Novartis has a position. But that didn't help, all RS get crushed and almost always make a good short midday. 

RFIL -21%  Earnings miss, calls were bought expecting good earnings. 

OPK -15% Stock unhalted. Fell another 15% from previous close where it had fallen 15%. Because CEO accussed of stock promotion scheme, but that shouldn't affect the business of the company. 

IRIX -14% Down on pricing of secondary. Stock hit the secondary price, but bounced to about 12% higher. A medical device company, could go higher from here on Monday.

IPCI -13% Down on RS. RS always screw over shareholders, they love to sell into it. 

BLNK -13%  Despite recent EV craze, this stock has sold off. Not sure why. 

LTRX -13% Microcap IoT company. No news. Is on a 3 day downtrend, was 40% higher 3 days ago. 

RKDA -13% $22M mc agriculture food ingredient company, down on no news.

WAB -12% A railroad company, huge 12% downmove. Nobody talking about this on twitter. GE was going to merge its transportation company with WAB. JPM analyst said the deal looks fishy, without realistic forecasts. It was a hidden trade that could've been nailed from digging. 

This will probably rebound on Monday, as investors might think the analyst was harsh in its assessment, and believe hte company which followed up with a confirmation of the transaction.

NI -12% Crazy price action today after getting overextended yesterday going up 100%. Insane volume. 

DFBG -11% Crappy company, going through an overall downtrend.