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10/5 Movers


ALT +54% Stock went from $4 to $35 and back to $4 again all within 2 weeks. Makes sense that it would bounce again to some point. (ND: -32%. Crashed in the morning when it seemed like it was starting to rally more from Friday. It was trading around $10 when they announced an offering at 9am at $5.40.)

VTVT +26% Rebounded after fading the previous day on news of Perelman buying shares. Today, new buyers came in after the sellers sold. (ND: -11% At 7am it was up higher, then fell hard at about 7:30. Had a brief bounce at the open for about 5 minutes to $3.15, then fell to $2.80 at 10am. Had a couple interspersed rallies from there.)

SGH +26%  $1B specialty memory solutions, DRAM, company. (ND: -10%. So far, top 3 stocks have pulled back the next day. You could really have a next day contrarian style and it would work long term.)

PYX +16% Continues uptrend today. Started uptrend on 10/2 bc got a license to cultivate marijuana. Was flat the next day and pulled back the day after that. Then reached close to highs today. Really hard to trade, just required lots of watching, might be impossible to have longed bc you never knew when it would reverse. (ND: +37%, stock was pumped with articles and Citron.)

MHLD +14% Approached by a couple of companies to get acquired. Company said will start its formal sales process. (ND +7%, opened flat, didn't start moving up until 12pm)

YI +12% Was a 9/12 IPO. Now quite a bit lower than IPO price. Like all IPOs, they all fall after going nuts the first day or 2. It just takes a little while, like a week or so. It took EB 8 days to start to drop. It reached a high 5 days after IPO, then a week later, it closed at 25% below that high. (ND flat)

CHEF +12% Reached all time high today bc last night it was announced that it will go on the S&P600. (ND flat)

AUTL +11% Up on no news. (ND +4%. $1B+ bio, surprised it rose another day.)

ICLK +11% A Hong Kong company. Had collaborated with CTrip awhile ago. Ctrip has come down aways from its highs. (ND -4%)

CIVI +10% Up on exploration of potential sale. ( ND flat)


KMPH -36% Down on share offering. (ND: flat)

CUTR -26% Down on bad guidance. (ND: flat)

IFMK -23% A nanocap grocery store supermarket chain. Down for no apparent reason. (ND: +14%, recovered)

MYE -23% Missed on revs and earnings. $600M mc rubber & plastics company. (ND: flat)

LMAT -21% Margins increased, but revs and earnings below consensus, and dg to hold from buy at Lake Street.  (ND: flat)

KALV -20% A pharma, rallied in mid september, stayed in low $20s, just today started coming back down. (ND: -4%)

SYRS -18% Lowest the stock has been since August. Fell with other biotech.  (ND: -4%)

RESN -15% Crashing for some reason, hit 52 week low. CFO resigned 2 weeks ago. HCW kept $8 PT and buy rating. (ND: +8%)

SSTI -15% Dg by Imperial Capital, while raising pt to $54 from $50. This company puts out gunshot detection solutions for law enforcement. It can spot where gunshots are coming from. (ND: -6%, opened higher too, continued slide)

CLRB -13% Nanocap bio. Down on no news. (ND: flat)