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10/16 Movers


BLNK +63% Up on news it's teaming up with Google maps to assist drivers in locating charging stations. ND: -31% This turned out to be a non-event, old news. I'm shocked at how hard it sold off, I shorted but covered way too early.

FFHL +24% Nanocap China packaging company. Rallied to its peak around 9:50am to 100% gain. Then sold off, continued selling off into the close. This selloff happened despite the market being up 2%. ND: +7%, continud its uptrend slightly.

KRYS +24% 2nd day of 20%+ gains after positive interim results of ph 1/2 trial. ND: -13%, retraced, started selling off since the open, continued selling into the close and after, as a stock offering was announced at the close.

ALT +21% Up on no news, just a crazy nanocap stock. ND: -4%, retraced a bit.

OMED +20% The stock had eventually made its way below $2 per share, the lowered PT of HCW, even though it took a couple weeks to do so. HCW made the PT on 9/20, it stayed above $2 for awhile, until 2 days ago, and yesterday it fell even more. Therefore, today is an expected reflexive bounce on no news, will probably fade tomorrow. ND: +10%. Wow, this stock was certainly not red today. But I don't know why it kept going up as there is no news.

ALRN +19%  Nanocap pharma company. No news, but a couple months ago it filed a prospectus for $150M offering. Its bouncing from a year long downtrend, according to Douglas House of SA. ND: -9% retraced on a no news rally.

SEND +18% Acquired by TWLO. TWLO fell at the open on acquisition, closed flat. Wonder how much today's market rally had to do with its recovery. ND: flat, TWLO: flat

HQCL +17% Acquisition, was only up 8.5% in AH yesterday. ND: flat

NDLS +16% Up on Suntrust Ug, from channel checks about new zoodles product.  ND: Flat


YVR -24% Yesterday was RS. Faded today from it on low volume, opened lower, good short opp at open.  ND: +9% went back up.

VJET -21% Down on some strange stock offering structure. ND: -10%, hit 52 week low. Investors aren't happy with the company's decisions. 

GLBS -20% Faded it's meaningless rally yesterday on its RS. ND: -3%, still retained a little gains after the RS.

JELD -19% CFO left, bad Q3 results, guidance cut.  ND: flat, investors know what it's worth after the bad quarter.

IPHS -17% Bad preliminary results and guidance. ND: +6%, rebound.

LMFA -16% Opened at 52 week high, then faded all day.  ND: -4%, continued downtrend.

VXRT -14% Almost gave back all of its gains from 10/4 on ph2 data regarding its H1 flu vaccine. It fell a little bit each day from 10/4 to 10/9, stayed flat for 3 days, then the big drop today. ND: +11%, started rising at the open.

SPRO -13% Hit 52 week low. Dg to up from neut at BofA. Says not much probability for success, and it's only a niche drug. Can see this falling further tomm. ND: flat, not everyone agrees with the analyst.

GWW -12% Rev below concensus. Some lawsuits over possible securities fraud. ND: flat

ARPO -9% Biotech, no news. Hit 52 week low. ND: flat