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12/24 Movers

Nikkei down 5% today - short Japanese stocks tomm?


UROV +21% Up on no news. Possibly from the anticipation of presenting at the JP Morgan conference in SF on 1/9. Is a microcap bio for urologic conditions in the UK. 

KOD +20%  $250M biotech. Possibly up from being added to the Russell indexes and microcap index. 

SVRA +18% Up on an Insider Monkey report of hedge funds buying shares. A lot of hedge funds including SAC cap own shares. 

DEST +17% Had a bad earnings report. But the stock hit 52 week lows and is now recovering, investors must have felt it was oversold. 

ADAP +16% On 12/13, Suntrust lowered PT to $12 from $18. Opened at 52 week low today, must have bounced off that. 

DRD +16% Microcap gold mine company in south africa. 

DOVA +15% A biotech focusing on thrombocytopenia disease. CEO left, then a former United Therapeutics executive took his place. 

ADIL +15% Holder of convertible note transferred into stock at $2 per share. He made a killing. 

REDU +14% $450M education company in China. Provides junior English language training services. 

UXIN +10% Many were shorting this bc it was lockup expiry today. But the problem is, it was too much expected. And it's not so bad of a company. Because people were so negative on it, and so many money managers follow Shadkin, that caused a short-covering rally. It was red at the PM and open.


DVMT -22% Not sure why it's down, maybe from a spinoff?

MRSN -19% $80M biotech. Down on no news, normal volume. 

MRIN -18% Finally sold off. I was watching this stock for a few days,waiting for this moment. I did short it but then it popped and that scared me. It really hurt me emotionally when it ended up crashing. 

ASTC -18% Rallied previous day. Opened much lower today. Why is that? It's a piece of crap, $18M aerospace and defense stock. I've followed it for awhile. No news, it just is the type of shit stock to immediately crash the next day in the PM.

KEG -15% O&G equipment and services company. Has a ton of debt. 

YGYI -15% MLM weed product company. Crushed on low volume. Sold off at open. 

NEON -16% Rose yesterday for no reason. Gave back every penny today. 

INPX -14% Rallied Dec 20th on news of "record" number of shipments. Gave it all back and more over the next 2 days. Why? The next after the close, filed a 424B5. Generally, a company below $30M market cap, is going to only have a 1 day rally and get crushed.

DBVT -14% It had a dead cat bounce yesterday. Gave up that entire bounce today. 

NBEV -13% Down on news of closing of merger with Morinda holdings. 

NFEC -13% This Chinese green company has gone through all kinds of stock movements. It must have been promoted somehow to go from $25 to here within a few days. 

PTI -12% has fallen big time from its $10 high. Feuerstein was right on this one.