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1/9 Movers


SAEX +70% Sold stock on 12/10. O&G explorer. 

DBD +33% Wow. Just up off a DA Davidson upgrade? DA Davidson is the bomb sellside analyst. 

MTC +27% Recent IPO? Not sure what's going on with it. 

MDJH +22% Chinese company, first day shares have been uplisted to the NASDAQ. 

KNDI +22% Up because it got its electric car approved in China. 

PLAG +21% Chinese nanocap, former runner, recent IPO. Up on low volume, no news. 

IO +19% Down much lower than highs. No news. 

AZRX +18% Nanocap bio. No news. 

SNDE +17% Energy company, slightly higher than average volume. No news. 

CVEO +17% Business services company. Up on no news. 

SMSH +16% Up on upcoming ticker change. Only $5M mc.


SGH -25% Q1 earnings miss. Much lower Q2 guidance. 

VHC -22% Was up yesterday on some development in the suit against Apple. But clearly it was an overvalued piece of news, as the stock is down now. 

MBOT -16% Fade after scant news yesterday. yesterday they only updated what they accomplished and their goals, but no new news. 

CLPS -16% Was up 100% yesterday for no reason, fade today makes sense. Had faded a little into the close yesterday, continued to fade today as if the day didn't end. 

AXSM -15% Two rally days back to back. Since it was up so much yesterday, yesterday was not the day to short on the 2nd day of the move. Today, it was a clear fade as it opened much lower. You have to pay attention to the trends, and what mood stocks are in. 

FTNW -15% Opened flat from yesterday, then faded. This is a BK situation, with all the company's debt. 

SGMO -14% Down on a data readout that investors read as negative. 

MRIN -13% Faded from yesterdays rally which seemed to happen for no reason. 

STZ -12% Down on Q3 results and FY guidance.