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Recent developments have spooked a lot of investors and brought a lot of uncertainty into the markets. There are a lot of opinions out there as to whether the stocks are oversold or whether they will go lower still. For my part I have been buying stocks all of last week. All stocks in my portfolio are well researched juniors with credible management teams and a real chance at success. I am comfortable owning all of these stocks no matter what the market conditions, as long as the capital requirements are satisfied.

As far as market gyrations go, my approach has always been to pick my moments and buy stocks when they look cheap and people are negative. I don’t know how the economic picture will unfold over the next six months, but I do know that insider buying has dramatically increased over the past week. While insider buys are not always accurate predictors of company success, they sure do provide a big confidence boost for investing in any stock

Last week Lukas Lundin invested nearly $500k in Lundin Mining (LUN.T) after the already depreciated stock pulled back to $4.60. It has been a tumultuous year for Lukas who was not able to make a deal for Lundin mining, but with his stock trading at nearly 50% discount from the recent $8.10/share takeover offer from Equinox this was a screaming buy.

Another confidence booster were the insider buys at a junior potash company Passport Potash (PPI.V). I’ve had PPI.V on my watchlist for a long time and with the recent pullback in price, insider buying, and an anticipated 43-101 resource calculation on the way (I have never seen a 43-101 delivered on time and this one is running late shaking out some weak hands in the process), this was an attractive foray into the junior potash market.

There was also buying at three prospective juniors that are likely to make waves in the second half of this year: Beaufield Resources (BFD.V) has an up-coming 43-101 resource calculation for their high-visibility Tortigny poly-metallic discovery, Melkior Resources (MKR.V) is in the midst of a drilling campaign in the McFaulds Ring of Fire region, following which work will resume on their West Timmins shallow-depth gold project, and Diamond Fields International (DFI.T) which has a feasibility study on the way for their marine mega-deposit in the Red Sea.

Insider buying gives me the confidence that now is the right time to be buying these stocks.

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