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Crowdfunded REITs - If You Liked Fundrise, Try Realty Mogul

In the past several years, the real estate crowdfunding space has come to fruition. Websites like Fundrise, CrowdStreet and Patch of Land grew in popularity because of their ability to invest in real estate projects without significant minimum investments or expensive fees typically associated with private real estate investments. Their popularity grew as investors continued to look for alternative opportunities to park cash. However, these sites generally restricted the ability to invest to "accredited investors" - individuals or entities with $1M net worth or $200K+ income for the past two years and a reasonable expectation to have $200K+ income in the coming year.

Fundrise changed the game last year with its launch of the Income "eREIT" - a private REIT in which retail investors can purchase shares. Yes, that means mom and pop can finally get in on the game. The deal raised $50M (the maximum permitted under law) and was fully subscribed rather quickly. The Income eREIT expects to generate ~15% annual returns and distritbute dividends quarterly. Fees are some of the lowest in the industry. On the back of the Income eREIT's success, Fundrise launched the Growth eREIT, a similar offering that is focused on equity (i.e., growth) real estate investments. Visit for more information about the eREITs.

After a (thus far) successful investment in the Fundrise eREIT, I stumbled on Realty Mogul. The premise is the same to Fundrise - crowdfunded real estate investments available only to accredited investors. However, Realty Mogul recently also launched a REIT for retail investors - "MogulREIT I." Unlike the Fundrise eREITs, MogulREIT I is still accepting investments ($2,500 minimum). The short story is that the REIT looks very similar to those offered by Fundrise. The long story can be found at

Disclosure: I am/we are long MOGULREIT I.