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Nationwide Biweekly Administration Payments: A Cost Cutting Solution

It’s no secret that the mortgage industry has fallen on hard times. Banks are going under. Property values are declining. Mortgage payments are skyrocketing as interest rates increase. It’s a crisis our nation hasn’t seen in generations. Families are losing their homes to foreclosure.   However, there are options and alternatives to lessen the burden of making your monthly mortgage payment. Nationwide Biweekly Administration works with the consumer to make budgeting mortgage payments easier. By switching from a monthly payment to a smaller biweekly payment, you can significantly reduce the number of years of your loan as well as the interest paid on your loan.

Nationwide Biweekly Administration is proud to be one of the nation’s Largest and most recognized administrators of bi–weekly programs. By working for the consumer rather than for the banks, they help thousands of mortgage holders not only save money in interest, but in many cases, make the ability to stave off foreclosure a reality for distressed families.  The Interest Minimizer is Nationwide Biweekly’s ground-breaking program and an industry leader in bi-weekly payment programs.

The Interest Minimizer program doesn’t just save you years of payments and thousands of dollars in interest, it also rapidly increases the equity you have in your home.  The money you save can be applied to other debt, to putting in a pool, to a family vacation – the point is, you’ll get to spend or save that money in the way you want, rather than handing it over to your lender for the astronomical interest payments on your mortgage.

Nationwide Biweekly Administration works with you – the borrower – not the bank. Even if your loan is transferred to another financial institution, your account and your bi-weekly payments through the Interest Minimizer program remain with Nationwide Biweekly Administration.  Ask yourself this – can you afford to continue paying huge interest on your mortgage to the detriment of your own ability to survive? Would you like to own your home faster and save money?  Then a biweekly plan is right for you!