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Bad news, equals good news...quick review of stock index futures

  October 8th/11th, 2010



The equity markets have entered into a mindset that bad economic news is actually good news.  The argument for this lies in the fact that weak numbers force the U.S. currency even lower but even more important; it paves the way for QE2.  After all, the worse the economy appears the quicker the Fed will be to react...and that is what this rally has been all about anyway.  




Coming into the employment report, the market wasn't asking for much and it got even less.  However, the knee-jerk selling was short and sweet; by the end of the session the bulls had, once again, come out on top. 




It is getting harder and harder for traders to fight the tape and in a world in which bad news is good good news bad news?  If you want to play this market from the short side, be sure to do it on rallies to resistance areas, sloppy sells aren't going to work in this environment. 




It is clearly the tail wagging the dog in the financial goes the dollar, so goes EVERYTHING else (in the opposite direction).  This is a pattern that won't easily be broken but hopefully the earnings season will attract some of the market's attention. 




Going into the close, the December S&P futures failed to break above the 1165 resistance we mentioned in yesterday's report.  The next significant resistance will be 1175, but some are noting 1168 as a trouble area for the bulls.  For now, we are holding a sell on rallies mentality, but caution against chasing the market lower.  This hasn't worked in weeks! 




Resistance in the Russell lies at 695 and in the NASDAQ at 2050.






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October 6 - Clients were advised to sell the November S&P 1215 calls for about $8, fills ranged from $7.50 to $8.00. 




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