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Investors still buying dips along with POMO

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October 26th, 2010

Investors still buying dips along with POMO
If you are an avid reader of the "Stock Trader's Almanac" you are likely aware of the fact that we have officially entered what is known as the "Best Six Months" of the year.  You might also know that historical stats suggest the best time to be long stocks within the presidency cycle is the first quarter of the midterm year and the first quarter of the pre-election year.  In addition, history suggests the markets have out-performed when there is a Democrat in the White House and a Republican controlled Congress. 
What does all of this mean?  Investors maintaining a buy on dips mentality will likely face better odds of success than one that is fighting the statistics in the coming months. 
With all this in mind, chasing markets higher can be (more often than not) a recipe for disaster.  With the U.S. dollar ripe for a rather large short covering rally, it might be possible for equities to suffer from corrective trade at some point in the near-future.  This move has been a long time coming...we haven't given up on it, but warn those that have gotten complacent in the currency markets (and thus commodities) there could be some ruffled feathers when the somewhat inevitable technical trade takes hold. 
Excerpt from yesterday's newsletter for those of you that missed it:
The near-term direction seems to be solely based on trade in the currency markets.  Without a Dollar rebound, it might continue to be difficult for the stock market bears.  Similarly, the continued drip lower in the Dollar index has the ability to propel stock gains regardless of underlying fundamentals.  However, I doubt many could argue the fundamentals backing the Euro today are dramatically better than what was seen this spring while the Euro was believed to be going to par with the Dollar. 
Many analysts believe that while commodities and other dollar-based assets have benefited greatly from a weak dollar, the Fed and the marketplace might be reaching a point of diminishing returns.  Art Hogan, of Jeffries, said in a CNBC interview, "It's certainly not something that's sustainable...You get to an inflection point where its beneficial for our exports and multinationals, and then you lose that."
George Feiger, CEO of Contango Capital Advisors in San Francisco, says "What you're seeing is simply a momentum wave against the dollar which doesn't have a lot of economic substance attached to it at all."  He added, "We are in this period of excess enthusiasm to sell dollars."
If you want to be a seller, you are going to want to do so on an upswing.  If the dollar rally fizzles tomorrow, stocks could make moderately new highs on this move.  Resistance lies at 1195 and then 1204ish in the December S&P futures, 716ish in the Russell future and NASDAQ futures at 2130 and then again at 2205.
The first level of support in the S&P will be the 1160 area, but if the Dollar manages a swift recovery (short squeeze), S&P futures could see as low as 1130ish. 
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