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S&P 500 futures recover from payrolls selling

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December 3rd, 2010


It's been a frustrating week for the bears.  Stock index futures rallied on positive economic news as the recovery appeared to be firming up but selling pressure following a much weaker than expected employment report was a mere speed bump in road of the bulls. 


The S&P has rallied 54 handles from Tuesday's low but, as we mentioned yesterday, the buying seems to be largely attributable to short covering as opposed to speculative longs.  The size and speed of the rally smells of buy stop running and panicked shorts gunning for the exits (each dip has been met with buyers looking to cover shorts at slightly better prices).  Don't forget, stop orders become market orders once the stated price becomes part of the bid/ask spread.  By nature of the order type, stop running can often go unattested and can result in quick and unrelenting gains in prices.  Ironically, traders going short are often propelling the rally by placing tight stop orders.


If this assumption is accurate, the rally could have room to run as latecomer bulls look to chase performance.  Unfortunately, the market tends to rally just enough to lure the last of the cautious investors in...this is when you want to be a bear. 


We can understand where the bear camp is coming from; after all, commodity prices are moving up and this pinches the wallets of consumers, today's employment report showed stagnant growth in the jobs sector and there are undeniable debt woes overseas that could cascade the global financial system if gone unchecked.  However, we feel like these factors won't be focused on until much later in the year or even early next year. 


In the near-term, we see a weaker dollar keeping the stock rally alive.  We also can't deny the seasonal tendency in stocks that suggests traders might  be better off playing the month of December from the long side. 


In yesterday's newsletter we were pointing out resistance in the S&P 1228ish, and that turned out to be a good place to play the downside.  However, a strong close in the Euro, gold and crude oil have us looking for more gains on Monday.  We see resistance in the S&P near 1232ish, with the next area being 1240 which is possible a little later in the week.  Depending on how things "feel" we could be looking to temporarily play the downside near the noted resistance levels.  If you are trading the NASDAQ look for 2206 and 2255ish as similar levels.  Russell traders should look for 763 and then 780.



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 Futures and Options Trading Recommendations

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Position Trade -


November 23rd - Clients were advised to sell the January S&P 1040 puts for 8.25.  This order was filled on Monday November 29th. 


December 2 - Clients were recommended to buy back their short 1040 puts near 3.75 to lock in a quick profit of $225 per contract on a mini, or approximately five times that amount on a full-sized. 


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S&P 500 futures recover from payrolls selling