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Equities consolidate ahead of employment report

January 4, 2012


Part 2 of our discussion on the COT Report in Stocks & Commodities Magazine:


Equities consolidate ahead of employment report


Despite some early morning weakness, equities were able to hold yesterday's gains.  Our guess is that there were a significant number of bears caught short over the weekend and they took the dip as a chance to move to the sidelines "losing less". 


If you are a fundamental trader, you might be interested in this simplified view of the global economy.  They say a picture says a thousand words, and this might be the perfect example:


The CFTC's COT Report released on Friday, but measured on Tuesday of last week suggests there could be more shorts looking to run for cover (there were over 250,000 net short large specs).  If so, we might see a test of the upper resistance levels in the stock indices.  Unfortunately, one never knows where the exact high will be until after the fact but we have to favor a strategy that sells into strength and offsets risk in weakness. 


Keep in mind that although it is a new year, it isn't a new market.  Liquidity hasn't come back from vacation and probably won't until next week (or maybe even the week after).  As we know, thin markets breed chaos so it is better to be safe than sorry.  Rather than betting the farm on the short side, aggressive traders might want to slowly wade into "risk off" trades but save plenty of ammo for what could be a buy stop running frenzy. 


Sorry to be boring, but nothing has changed...we'll stick with yesterday's overall idea:


In other words, the 1280 area should be seen as a "nibble" with more aggressive trades becoming attractive at moderately higher levels such as the mid to high 1290's, which is a distinct possibility.  In the Russell, we see strong resistance in a band between 760 and 768.  We feel as though the bulls will have a hard time breaking through this the first time up.  Similarly, significant resistance in the NASDAQ can be found near 2350..such levels could be a place to consider bearish plays. 


If we are right about a pullback from the noted resistance levels, we could see the S&P trade back to 1230ish, the Russell runs into support near 723 and again at 702, and the NASDAQ could see 2210 again. 


Don't confuse our short-term neutral to bearish outlook with long-term expectations.  The so-called "January Break" often sets the stage for another leg of rally.  Don't forget, November through March are the best 6 months to be bullish! 


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12-29 - Clients were advised to sell the March crude 122 call and the 78 put for a combined premium of about $1,000.  These options have 49 days to expiration and we believe time value erosion will be most noticeable from 45 to 28 days. 


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