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Overwhelming Response!

 When I saw the response to my last "instablog," I said, "WOW! BAM! Now this is the way to communicate with other people!"

I could hardly believe the comments!  No wonder people spend time writing blogs.  It is really satisfying knowing that someone, somewhere, might through some unimaginable set of circumstances, stumble upon my blog on

I mean, it could happen... right?

Actually, I think this might be productive anyway.  

When you write a journal, you are under no obligation to make sense.  You see it; God sees it.  That's it.  You both know what you meant.

But if one's writing is in a publicly accessible arena, maybe (maybe) one will work a little harder to formulate coherent thoughts.

So, what the heck, we'll try this for awhile.  And when the day comes that these words are used against me in a court of law... 

Dr. Spider