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An Open Letter To Facebook CEO: Why Facebook Is Not Going For Professional Networking?

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Dear Mr. Zuckerberg

On 24 Aug, 2012 I sent a message on your Facebook page, but did not get back any reply. I am trying to send the same message again through this open channel.

The reason of this message is clearly my interest in Facebook as a shareholder, who paid dearly for the share of Facebook.

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) has lost 28% of share price in last year, while Linkedin gained 70%. Do you know why?

Because Personal networking is good to add members but actual revenue comes only from Professional networking.

Linkedin has only 200 M users while Facebook has more than one Billion. Think, if we can get 50% of these users as professional users, how much will be the value of Facebook?

This is what I suggest Facebook should do?

1. Facebook should open a possibility to add a second profile for each users and this second profile can be linked to the first one or it can be a total separate profile. Examples are given in details below.

2. Facebook should provide the possibility of switching between personal and public profile on a single click

3. The two profiles can be linked, if some one choose so or they can be totally separate e.g.

Private profile URL is

While professional profile will be

4. When a friend request is received, the receiver will have the possibility to give personal or pro access to the sender

I can guarantee, it will be a total success and stock price will double overnight if not more.

Hope you will take action!


Disclosure: I am long FB.