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Ukraine - Post Mortem by Randolph Buss

Having just presented at two conferences in Berlin and Crimea, we have some new things to report...
Ukraine - Post Mortem
We were asked to present our experiences at the Ukraine Economic Forum in Berlin and Ludmila was presenting our latest project at the Crimean Modernization conference in Alushta, Crimea.

I am not one to be politically correct - never was - and as I talked, their jaws dropped open wider and wider. I presented the case that Ukraine, as a country, is facing enormous challenges economically. I stated that their intelligence and engineering expertise are not in question - what is in question is their extremely serious lack of business skills.

Again, the conference trotted out the ukranian entrepreneuers asking for money for their projects. Money ? Projects ? You've got to be kidding. If these so-called "entrepreneurs" had even a pittance of economic sense, they would PREPARE their projects to western standards ; this includes legal paperwork, solid business plan, pro forma financial statements, financial projections, Yield on Investment and Exit Strategy .... all prepared in English. I might as well have been speaking Swahili to them - they look at me strangely and they scream and waving their arms and gesticulating ... "Da, da, Money, I need money". They just "dont get it".

After the "bombshell" of my speech, I was approached by a hoard of participants asking me for help. But most interesting, I was approached by the Ukranian Embassy. They have invited me for a consultation at their office.

...It really is almost too much sometimes ...more soon .... but it looks like we shall receive a massive land package for our crimean resort project.
Posted by Buss Randolph , on Monday October 25, 2010 at 17:07