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Interesting Statistics

Just came across this as I was looking through a recent edition of Forbes. The piece was labeled "Billionaire University" and compared the education of the Forbes 400:

Education of the Forbes 400
High School 27
College 160
College Dropout 36
Graduate School 161
Law Degree 35
M.A 6
Ph.D 21
M.B.A 84
M.S. 29
M.D. 5

Out of the 400 richest people in the U.S., 6x more have only attended college compared to those who have obtained their M.A.; More of the 400 richest people in the U.S. have proof of their highest education in the form of a high school diploma than those that have obtained their Ph.Ds. Nearly 2x more Forbes 400 billionaires have gone to college as their highest level of education than have obtained their M.B.A.

Of course, this chart is somewhat misleading. For one, it doesn't take into account individual net worth, even though magnitude of one Forbes 400 success is definitely not equal to that of another. However, this chart does provide a very interesting glimpse into the qualifications of the Forbes 400, at least in terms of education. Chances are, would you have hired one of the 27 Forbes 400 billionaires that have only obtained a high school education?