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New Credit Score Formula - Customer Driven Math

Did you know that the current Credit Score System uses data that is yours, is collected by firms that operate for profit, and use your data against you? The data is calculated and rates your payment behavior - not the fact that you may have completed paying off a loan, but penalizes you if you are late on a payment. How many of you own businesses, and how many of your customers pay your invoices on time and on the day they agreed to pay? Do you penalize your customers for late payment?

So you use your credit card, you purchase products. You make monthly payments, and the credit rating agencies use your data - generated by your buying habits, and they create a score that magnifies the lowest risk pattern in your process. Would you rather have a rating that ranks if you complete payment of your loans, and rates you higher if you purchase more products, and more dollars and make payments regularly?

1.  We need to modify the credit score to reflect your loan repayment history and track record., and purchasing habits.

2.  As customers, the more you spend, the longer your payment terms; a frequent shopper gets payment terms of 90 days, a regular shopper 60 days, and the shoppers with poor payment record get 15-30 days.

So tell your banks, you would like to work out a different credit rating between you and the bank if they are interested in lending money to you.

If not - don't borrow - pay cash for every purchase.

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