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First Liberty Power Corp. (FLPC) Hits Progress By Making Higher Profits

 New York, NY, Nov 1, 2010 - - First Liberty Power Corp. (OTCPK:FLPC) was at just 0.41 last month & within two weeks time FLPC has rallied to a high of 0.67 for potential profits of up to +63%. FLPC has once again reached attractive levels that could offer another profitable opportunity to investors as indicated by its recent progress.

First Liberty Power Corp. (OTCPK:FLPC) has seen a correction that has taken the stock to historical levels and is currently trading at 0.42 but looks to once again rebound off this strong support area.  

Over the past month mining stocks have gained a lot of momentum with rising commodity prices & a potential shortage of other rare metals. FLPC is expected to take advantage of this situation and continue its growth. 

First Liberty Power Corp. (OTCPK:FLPC) is a Nevada-based vanguard working to free the US from dependence on foreign oil through the domestic production of lithium/vanadium/uranium, while simultaneously developing an alternative clean energy infrastructure that doesn’t require imports.

The Company is positioned to capitalize on the anticipated increase in demand for both lithium carbonate and vanadium that is projected to result from the adoption and use of clean renewable energy that will fuel demand for products that utilize lithium-ion batteries and vanadium redox batteries 

On October 12th, FLPC announced that it would start on the second phase of its exploration program for the Lida Valley Lithium Brine Prospect (the LVW claims). Lida Valley LVW Placer Claims are located in South Western Nevada, approximately 150 miles north of Las Vegas. The property is in close proximity to the only Lithium brine producer in the United States. This plant extracts Lithium from brines pumped from aquifers below the valley and has been in production since 1967. This property covers around12,800 acres and is located in Esmeralda County, Nevada. 

The proposed second phase of the exploration program will only help the company get better profits and move up. Recently,
Glyn Garner, First Liberty Power Corp. (OTCPK:FLPC) President and CEO, commented, “These results are certainly encouraging, we are now in the planning stages of for the next phase of our exploration plan, specifically it has been recommended that controlled-source audio-magnetotellurics / magnetotellurics (CSAMT/MT) surveys be run to determine if conductive zones, possibly indicative of lithium-bearing brines, are present and continuous. We hope to announce a commencement date for this soon.”

Further, on October 12th Mr. Garner stated: “We are working with GeoXplor Corp. and Hasbrouck Geophysics, Inc. on the budget and a timeline to begin work. We are committed to keeping our shareholders informed of our progress; I anticipate further details on the program to be released over the coming weeks.”

Now that October is behind us, it is expected that there will be new developments in place for FLPC soon. For more information in regards to FLPC please visit their website at was compensated twenty thousand dollars cash for the further dissemination of publicly available information, opinions, & ongoing investor relations coverage for First Liberty Power Corp. (OTCPK:FLPC) by a third party – Winning Media.

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