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NOPAT: Definition And Formulae For Net Operating Profit After-Tax And NOPAT Margin

NOPAT is the after-tax operating cash generated by the business, excluding unusual losses and gains, financing costs, goodwill and other non-cash items. It can be calculated two mathematically equivalent ways:

Figure 1: Formulae for NOPAT

Source: New Constructs, LLC

Below are the primary accounting distortions in reported financial statements that require economic translation and adjustment for the NOPAT calculation.

  1. Hidden unusual items from the MD&A and footnotes
  2. Unusual items found on the income statement and statement of cash flows
  3. Non-operating and unusual taxes
  4. Off-balance sheet debt
  5. Income from Unconsolidated Subsidiaries
  6. Minority Interests
  7. Restructuring/non-recurring charges
  8. All Non-operating Items below EBIT
  9. All After-tax Items
  10. Unusual items hidden in pension expenses
  11. Abnormal assumptions that affect stock option and pension expenses
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NOPAT Margin is equal to NOPAT/Total Operating Revenues.