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APRI, ORFG, PWRM - Market Watch From! (Apricus Biosciences, Orofino Gold, Power 3 Medical)



Apricus Biosciences, Inc. (Nasdaq:APRI) has entered into a licensing agreement granting Bracco SpA ("Bracco") the exclusive rights to market Vitaros(NYSE:R), Apricus Bio's treatment for erectile dysfunction ("ED"), in Italy. On November 12, 2010, Apricus Bio announced that Health Canada had approved Vitaros for marketing as the first topical treatment for ED in that country. The application for approval to market Vitaros in Europe is scheduled to be filed in April 2011.

Under the terms of the licensing agreement, Bracco has been granted exclusive rights in Italy to commercialize and market Vitaros under the Bracco trademark, and Apricus Bio is entitled to receive up to EURO5.5 million in up-front, regulatory and sales milestone payments. Further, over the life of the agreement, Apricus Bio will receive tiered, double-digit royalties based on Bracco's sales of the product.

According to IMS Health data, the ED market in Italy was estimated at $192 million (for the 12 months ending October 31, 2010), which is the largest in Europe and dominated by oral PDE5 treatments. However, there is still a need for new, safe and effective treatments, especially for those patients who cannot or do not respond well to oral medication. Vitaros differs from oral PDE5 drugs like Viagra(R), Cialis(R) and Levitra(R) in two ways. First, it is applied directly to the penis as a cream, instead of as a pill that is absorbed systemically. The topical application helps to reduce side effects and enables men who cannot take, or do not do well with the existing drugs, to have a patient-friendly alternative.

Alprostadil is currently marketed as an injectable drug or as a suppository inserted into the urethra. Apricus Bio incorporated alprostadil with its NexACT(R) delivery technology, resulting in a rapid and efficient topical delivery of the drug into the penis. In clinical studies, Vitaros worked in patients suffering from mild to severe ED, including men who did not respond to Viagra.

Backed by NexMed, USA and Bio-Quant, Inc., its revenue generating CRO business, Apricus Bio has leveraged the flexibility of its proven NexACT drug delivery technology to enable multi-route administration of new and improved compounds across numerous therapeutic classes. Future growth is expected to be driven primarily through out-licensing of this technology for the development and commercialization of such compounds to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, worldwide.


Orofino Gold Corp. (ORFG.PK) is a US (Nevada) company established for the purpose of creating a significant exploration and mining group operating in Colombia.

The major criteria for selection of properties will include:

* Significant historical production
* Favorable geology for hosting major ore bodies
* Significant property area for large target exploration
* Recent results available
* Favorable infrastructure and access to allow mine development
* Receptive local government and populace.

In addition Orofino has acquired a database comprised of exploration and mining results from previous operators who left when the global mining sector experienced a major downturn in the 1997-2000 time frame.

About Colombia:

# Stable democracy for over 150 years
# Growing, educated work force
# Good infrastructure
# No history of nationalizing foreign holdings or defaulting on foreign debt
# Northern extension of the mineral-rich Andes Cordillera
# Current government promoting rapid growth in mining sector
# Juan Manuel Santos recently elected President (former Defense Minister during Alvaro Uribe's administration, will continue to promote foreign investment and mineral resource development)

La Azul is one producing artesanal mine in the Senderos de Oro area controlled by Orofino, it is a mixed sequence of predominantly volcanic rocks with the vien systems comprised of high grade chalcopyrite, galena and sphalerite with pyrite in quartz viens.

It has been interpreted (by Shaw 1993) that the metallogenic zonation around the La Azul workings evokes a very viable "hidden porphyry" exploration model. This interpretation and the prospectivity of the area have been confirmed by the Orofino "qualified person" as per the 43-101 rules.


Power3 Medical Products, Inc. (OTC.BB:PWRM) is a breakthrough proteomics company specializing in the identification of disease footprints in the areas of chemotherapeutic drug resistance and the early detection of breast cancer and neurological diseases. The research platform is centered on the study of proteomics, the science of protein interactions within living cells. With a combined 50+ years of proteomic experience, the Company has identified 334 protein biomarkers with the following potential medical applications:

Breast Cancer Chemotherapeutic Drug Resistance
Alzheimer's Disease Leukemia
ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) Gastrointestinal Disease
Parkinson's Disease Metabolic Syndrome

These discovered and patent-pending biomarkers solve critical challenges facing pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies and are currently being used to design tests to diagnose diseases and discover targets for new drugs to treat the diseases.

BC-SeraPro™ is a blood serum test designed to diagnose breast cancer in individuals. The test is based on proteomic technology in which a blood serum sample drawn from a patient will monitor the concentration of each protein biomarker residing in a panel of blood serum protein biomarkers to determine if a patient has breast cancer. The biomarkers in the panel have been selected for their ability to discriminate breast cancer patients from non-cancerous patients. Power3’s statistical model evaluates the quantitative information of the protein biomarkers and automatically assigns a probability score. The probability score indicates to the physician that the patient “has cancer” or is “cancer-free”.

NuroPro® is a series of three separate and distinct blood serum tests designed to diagnose: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) in individuals. The test is based on proteomic technology, in which a blood serum sample drawn from a patient, monitors the concentration of selected biomarkers residing in a panel of blood serum protein biomarkers that determines if a patient has a Neurodegenerative disease, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS). The biomarkers in the panel have been selected for their ability to discriminate diseased from non-diseased patients. Power3’s statistical model evaluates the quantitative information of the protein biomarkers and automatically assigns a probability score. The probability score indicates to the physician that the patient has a Neurological disease or is disease-free.



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