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I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up! Aeterna Zentaris Is Broken!

|About: AEterna Zentaris, Inc. (AEZS), Includes: KERX

I'll start off by saying I own a large number of shares. AEterna Zentaris (NASDAQ:AEZS) is a company I've owned on and off for years now. I first came aware of AEterna Zentaris, through ownership of Keryx (NASDAQ:KERX). It seems like a distant memory now (bad memories). I actually made some money trading both Keryx and AEterna. The good old days. So, who would have imagined that Perifosine would fail. Why, my old friend Adam Feurstein. Boy, he nailed this one on the head. Remember how he duked it out online with Feurstein. So, over $3/shr??, That didn't work out. Oh, how I would like to see $1/shr again. The promises are great, and what we are currently waiting for: I think that management made it clear during the May 9 analyst conference call that they had not been sitting on their hands since the April 2 announcement on perifosine in CRC. They are working hard to move our main products through the pipeline as quickly as possible, and at the most reasonable costs. Dr. Engel mentioned that there is interest from pharma for some of our products and potential partnerships are part of our strategy, but you can well understand that we cannot name names. Management was clear on why and how we will be moving forward with our lead compounds: Perifosine: decision to pursue Phase 3 trial in multiple myeloma is based on the following factors: o Existing preclinical and clinical data o Support among key opinion leaders in this field o Market opportunity o Examples of other drugs (Avastin, Iressa, Sutent) enjoying success after facing setbacks o Reasonable investment (about $2.5M) up to interim analysis in Q1 2013 Perifosine: Yakult trial in colorectal cancer o Meeting planned in third week of May to discuss development plans in this indication in Japan o Results from the Phase 3 trial in CRC presented by investigator at ASCO in early June will yield valuable information on perifosine . AEZS-108 : why Phase 3 trial in endometrial cancer has not yet been initiated: o Doxil which was supposed to be used in this trial is no longer available following FDA decision o FDA recommended waiting for Ventana companion diagnostic before starting the trial in order to better screen LHRH positive patients o Meeting with Ventana this week to get update on diagnostic test AEZS-130: why NDA as diagnostic test for AGHD not yet filed o FDA has been coming up with many questions on our document / we have decided to answer all FDA questions before submitting our NDA, thus increasing our chances of presenting a document suited to FDA's requests o Meeting planned with the FDA at end of May to discuss this topic Regards, Paul Burroughs This is an email I received from Mr. Burroughs. So, today we closed again @ $.45/shr. That's pretty much book value. Look on AEterna Zentaris's website, and view their pipeline. With close to $50 million currently in the bank, that pipeline is free. Hard to explain, isn't it? So, I'll hold my shares and see what happens. What will YOU do?

Disclosure: I am long AEZS.