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No Worries

No worries about the negative 10% GDP growth. No worries about the lowered corporate profit estimates. No worries about the record $16 trillion corporate debt. No worries about the real 23-26% unemployment. No worries about the 13 million more out of a job than in 2007 per our present population and prior workforce participation rate, no worries about the ever climbing 48 million on food stamps. No worries about government insidiously increasing taxes. No worries about more job outsourcing. No worries about PE ratios as they are more than 2X too high based on historical data for an economy in the toilet. No worries about more people going into poverty. No worries about the $17 trillion national debt nor of the $6 trillion state and local government debt. No worries about our increased business efficiencies that means we need fewer people to work and without rightful policies to adjust for this, there will be greater financial oppression. No worries about the trillion dollar student loan debt. No worries about immigration in how they will increase the cost of living via putting pressure on rents and house prices and while you end up having less jobs and at lower wages. No worries about the $124 trillion federal unfunded liabilities. No worries about the $800 trillion derivatives. No worries about our real 8% inflation. No worries about our bank interest having been hijacked for more than 4 years now. No worries about the record wealth divide. Just sell your soul to Bernanke and make money that you do not deserve, for it comes from the rest of people who get hurt from his economy crippling monetary policies.

We need a policies that actually help this country and its economy and not a policy made to make the wealthy even wealthier via unlawful stock market manipulation.

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