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QE Is An Anti-Stimulus

|Includes: Walmart Inc. (WMT)

The economy was collapsing over the past four years and continues to do so. What we learned of Walmart today is not at all surprising. You see when you do not properly subtract out the real inflation rate from retail sales figures, it can give the misleading impression that we have a positive growth rate. Well, we are hitting the brick wall now in that even with the tainted figures, the public has been given they can't be massaged enough to continue with the propaganda that we have been in a recovery.

Ben "turn this country into a Detroit" Bernanke manipulated up the stock market to give a false impression of the economy. He had to steal the wealth of the responsible poor and middle class via 8-10% inflation and hijacking of bank interest to enable manipulating up the stock market. Our government also lies about the GDP growth rate, never using the real inflation rate when subtracting from the nominal GDP growth rate nor ever subtracting out the percentage of the GDP due to the yearly federal deficit. When you properly account for the GDP growth rate you would come up with a figure around NEGATIVE 10%. Similarly for the unemployment rate, it would be around 23-26%. And then there's the complicit media doing the massive con job on the people of this country telling them the QE is a "stimulus" in concert with the lie from Bernanke even though it is an ANTI-STIMULUS in disguise. It is engineered to drive the wealth divide and definitely has no impact on hiring. You cannot keep taking from the common person and handing it over to the wealthy via UNLAWFUL stock market manipulation and expect the economy will improve! What kind of craziness is that? By doing such it sends us deeper into a depression by squeezing the common person and eventually even with all the corporate accounting scams and cost cutting which causes additional pain from laying off workers, the profits will eventually vanish as we have been seeing in recent months. We are on track to becoming a third world nation - mark my words, it's an obvious progression when Congress doesn't do enough about curbing the wealth divide and when you have the Federal Reserve greatly pushing the wealth divide. We will be faced with oppressive housing costs as many who do not have their heads in the sand have been seeing getting worse over the past 30+ years but it's accelerating in the past 15 years. We will be having to live more to a household, relying on whomever may have part-time work with no medial benefits (thanks in part to the Obama Don't Care Health Care program) and share what little money was earned. It's so terrible to see this nation go to waste but that's what happens when you have those whom are leaders and are blind to what is going on, or they do see it but are in the elite class and want this all to occur the way it is. You, the people, may still have time to steer this country onto the right track but it will take much effort. Go read up on the 40-page of solutions at: and then start leading your leaders. But your time to do this is closing as the deeper we go into a third world status, the less likely the leaders will bother listening to you.

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