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gold $1,672 per ounce? GoGold (resources) go!

|Includes: GoGold Resources, Inc. (GLGDF)

or what abt: go gold bugs go! also too long? lets abbreviate it a little bit: GoGold go!

folks, the gold price is climbing higher and higher and most of my gold/silver stocks are falling lower and lower => what the hell is going on in the financial markets? pls dont let me get started on the stupidity of homo sapiens financialis and how i hate investors / traders, ok?

well, even on friday, when gold reached its high-high-higher all-time-high $1,626 per ounce, most of my mining stocks were DOWN, DOWN, DOWN :-(. did i ask ya what the hell is going on already? no? consider as asked right now ...

thx goodness, not all gold/silver stocks were down on friday. GoGold resources was +10.4%, hmmmmm ... and it went up like crazy the last few days as well => hmmmmm again .... how much up? well, lets try 2 bother my calculator .... (hours of failed attempts in between ;-) ... +53.3% in only two weeks? OMG! what the hell is going on @ GoGold (GGD.V)? well, lets look at these canadian gold explorers a little bit closer:
  • ive bought few shares in march after ive met few old buddies at their booth @ PDAC in toronto. i liked the story, i liked the prospects, i liked the share stucture (approx 80% of the company is held by mngmt / insiders / institutions), but i didnt like the share price. it was sooooo high compared to the price from last november/december. of course, many mining stocks shot up a lot since that time, but GoGold increased three times i guess. well, im not going to bother my calculator this time and cant ask my youngest daughter either cos shes on vacation right now. the school year in munich (and whole bavaria) was over on friday, u know? so what to do in an investment case like this one? it was quite easy! same procedure as always: ive made a pilot buy (im not that paper trader / watchlist investor kind of guy, u see?), applied for companys newsletter, liked it at facebook, started 2 follow these guys' share price and their news flow ... u know what? GoGold is my best performing stock out of all my PDAC ideas! it is up 30% in less than 4 months, my dear ;-)
  • what abt its peer group? unfortunately, the vast majority of my 21 new investments from march 2011 was kicked down by mr. market in the recent overall market correction (april-july) sooooo deep and most mining companies are still down a lot (many 20%-55%, but u not gonna tell that my wife, promised?). there is only 1 additional 'PDAC' company which is up significantly ~ goldstone resources +20% after it received a take-over offer from premier gold mines few weeks ago.
  • what abt any company related issues? well, there were few nice surface samples collected at their flagship property in durango / mexico and theyve also acquired some additional land there ... some directors named, some options issued ... nothing special imho 
  • when will they 'produce' some cash? i have no clue how long it will take them to bring their first mine into production, i should prolly read their next news releases more detailed, shoudnt i?
  • i suppose this CAD 57m company is not much known, ive never heard/read abt it in €urope and there is also no €uropean listing yet ...
  • what abt the volume in GoGolds recent ride? yep, it is slightly up, but it didnt went parabolic yet .... who the hell is collecting all shares out there?
  • wanna risk 2 take a look at GoGolds chart? quite a run, isnt it? 
  • any lessons learned? yep! it is not important when u buy your stocks - the only thing which matters is how high they will go after u have bought them :-) lol
anything else? coming soon or never 

disclaimer: i'm currently long GoGold resources (GGD.V)