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T. Boone Pickens

|Includes: Astrotech Corporation (ASTC)

Nature vs Nurture.

Fathers and sons: How far do apples fall from the tree?

Success or failure due to nature, upbringing, name and/or familial ties?

As this is a blog and not an article, these are unfiltered thoughts as I type. Please excuse me for rambling. Most of this blog will be reflecting thoughts for discussion as I do not have any answers.

Lets start with T. Boon Pickens, the oil magnate. If you do not know him, more information from his successes can be found here:

He is partly the topic of this blog, but for the sake of discussion, all you and I need to know is that he was successful. The portion that interests me is the portion regarding his personal life with his son, Michael. Michael O. Pickens was sentenced to probation for a penny s tock trading scheme and enter drug rehab.

The real question is how much his success can contribution or detriment to his future generations.

Another son is T. Boon Pickens iii. He is an CEO, his bio is below: Astrotech Corporation

Between the sons, is he the successful child of the oil magnate? Also interesting note is that T. Boon Picken iv, the grandson died from a heroin overdose. Clearly educating future generations is a tough job regardless of whether you are rich or poor. It could be argued that the job is actually tougher when you are rich.

Disclosure: I am/we are long ASTC.