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Silver NYMEX Traders/ STRONG BUY $28.05

|Includes: GLD, IAU, NMX, PSLV, iShares Silver Trust ETF (SLV)
For the near term Futures Traders in Silver. I ran the numbers and came up with $28.05 STRONG BUY for Silver on The NYMEX. SLV has a Net Asset Value in the %98 range per BLACKROCK Interview. This equates to a STRONG BUY in SLV @ $27.49 UP FROM last weeks $27.25 Higher Low. This is GREAT NEWS Longs as the trajectory has increased $0.24 giving Silver Higher Higher Highs and Higher Higher Lows equating to a near $33.00 Per Troy Ounce on the next project peak or SLV @ $32.34 !!!!

This by no means is certain. However, this is the most likley outcome with a %95 degree of accuracy with a + or - %2 Standard Deviation.

The best trade has been the Long Hold from my initial coverage @ $17+ to the present with the increasing of positions on the dips with the calculations shown above.

The fundamentals have not changed on the Supply/Demand Side going forward into 2011.

Sentiment : Hold


Disclosure: I am long SLV, C, ELTK, CLDX.