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CWEB -April is the third-best month for stocks on a historical basis. Since 1928, the S&P 500 has gained an average of 1.3% this month, according to Yardeni Research. Only July and December have offered. This Month we are covering few stock's that could have reversed impact for investors.

Fitbit NYSE : Fitbit has been a terrible stock since its initial public offering, with no upside price momentum to speak of. Shares are currently testing their 50-day MA, but we've seen it fail to definitively break through many times in its short life.

The Problem That Fitbit has is that all companies including Apple, Nike, Google, Samsung, LG, and other major manufactures are making serious gains in this market.

China is producing so many companies that are making similar products of Fitbit and Better Products For Around $10-$40 a watch or bracelet.

This will spell serious trouble for a company that sell for example the Fitbit Blaze for $199 and you can find similar watches or products on Amazon for around $45

At this time we don't see any upside until we get a clear direction of what other products are they going to produce or new technology and we believe the stock will continue to slide and under perform further.

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